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Agent-Based Economic Modelling, First Ancona-Milano Summer School on AB Economics, Ancona, 1-5 September 2015
Agent Based Macroeconomics (ABMs) is the application to macroeconomic modeling of computational techniques developed to analyze multi-agent systems, i.e. economies where heterogeneous households, firms, financial intermediaries interact with each other and the environment. The dynamic pattern of the resulting aggregate time series – for instance of GDP – is characterized by the endogenous emergence of deep disequilibria and sudden state transitions – i.e. dramatic recessions followed by slow and painful recoveries – which is what a macroeconomic model should do in times of global financial crisis and great recessions. This is the reason why ABMs have been gaining attention both within the academic debate and among international institutions and policymakers.
To who is the summer school addressed?
This Summer School is addressed to highly motivated graduate and Ph.D. students, as well as researchers working for public and private research centers, who want to integrate their curricula with the analytical and technical tools developed within this innovative field of study.
Full information can be found on the website:


2nd ACPR International Academic Conference: “Financial Institutions After The Crisis: Facing New Challenges and New Regulatory Frameworks”, December 2, 2015, Paris, France
Submission Deadline : Friday 31st of July 2015
The French Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority is organizing its 2nd international academic conference. The conference is targeted at academics, experts from the community of central banks and supervisory authorities, professionals, scholars, social scientists and students.
We are inviting high quality submissions of theoretical and empirical nature. Topics include the following, but are not limited to:
·         Macro prudential policies: calibrating the macro-prudential tools, ex ante / ex post impact evaluation on prices, quantities and risk-taking.
·         Model-based micro-prudential capital regulation: regulatory arbitrage, consistency, ex ante / ex post assessment.
·         Liquidity management : addressing liquidity risks, managing maturity mismatch, internal capital markets, liquidity stress tests.
·         Evolution of business models for banking and insurance : impact of low interest rates and adjustments to regulatory changes.
·         Too big to fail issues : economy of scale vs implicit subsidy, mitigating moral hazard, bail-in vs bail-out.
·         Interactions of macro-prudential policy with other policies: micro-prudential policy, monetary policy, competition policy, targeted public policies.
Papers should be submitted electronically along with your affiliation and email address by Friday 31st of July 2015 to In the email, please indicate whether or not you are willing to act as a discussant. Authors of accepted papers will be contacted by Tuesday, 15th of September 2015.
Presenters may apply for financial support to cover economy class airfare and local accommodation expenses.


Alp-Pop 2016, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, January 26–29, 2016
Alp-Pop brings together scholars interested in population issues across several disciplines, including demography, economics, epidemiology, political science, sociology, and psychology. The conference emphasizes empirical rigor and innovation over a given topic or geographical area, and meets the challenges of interdisciplinary and international audiences.
We welcome submissions on all population issues (e.g., population and health, migration, families and the welfare state, population and economic development/institutions, well-being, etc.).
We particularly encourage submissions that take a life-course perspective and/or address social inequalities.
Submissions of original papers or extended abstracts are invited by August 15, 2015, and submitters will be notified of acceptance within a couple of weeks.  Submissions and inquiries should be addressed via e-mail to:
Alp-Pop scholars confer both formally and informally. A traditional conference program (paper and poster presentations) mixes with group activities in a world-class winter resort. The conference location, Hotel du Golf, is very close to the ski slopes of Villars and was chosen strategically for its proximity to both Geneva and Torino/Milano. If there is demand, we will also aim to organize childcare. Please indicate in your application if you intend to bring children along to the conference, as well as their ages.
Alp-Pop is organized by the Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy at Bocconi University and the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES: Overcoming vulnerability: Life course perspectives.


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