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From the EEA congress, held in Barcelona, August 2009, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei annually confers the FEEM Award, replacing the Young Economist Award.
The FEEM Award is given to the authors of the three best papers presented by young economists at the annual congress of the EEA. Eligible candidates should be less than thirty years of age and no more than three years past a PhD defence.
The FEEM Award aims to reward new ideas addressing key economic issues at the European and global scale. Both theoretical and empirical papers will be considered without any restriction of topics.
There is a monetary reward of €5,000 for each winning paper.
The Selection Committee comprises the Congress Chair, one member chosen by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and one member chosen by the EEA Executive Committee.

2014 Awards

The EEA and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei are pleased to announce the three winners of the sixth edition of the FEEM Award, which was presented on 28 August, 2014, at the 29th European Economic Association Congress in Toulouse before the Marshall lecture, given by Einav Liran.  The Award was presented to the winners by Martin Cripps, EEA Program Chair 2014 and Valentina Milella, Head of Communication and External Relations of FEEM -

Christian Krekel, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) for his paper “Natural Disaster, Policy Action, and Mental Well-Being: The case of Fukushima” (joint with Jan Goebel, Tim Tiefenbach and Nicolas R. Ziebarth)

Marta Silva, ISCTE-IUL (University Institute of Lisbon) and BRU-IUL, for her paper "Asymmetric Labour Market Reforms and the Wage Growth of Fixed-Term Contracts: Does Learning about Match Quality Matter?”

Anna Raute, University College London and University of Mannheim, for her paper “Do Financial Incentives Affect Fertility—Evidence From a Reform in Maternity Leave Benefits”

The selection process was conducted by the FEEM Award Commission composed of Martin Cripps, University College London and EEA Congress Program Chair, Isabel Horta Correia, Banco de Portugal, and Matteo Manera, University of Milan-Biccoca and FEEM.

Please click here to read a motivation for the awarding of these papers the 2014 FEEM Award

The winners were interviewed by the FEEM Press Officer after the presentation. To listen to the interviews, click here


2013 Awards

Jonathan Colmer for his paper "Climate Variability, Child Labour and Schooling: The Intensive ans Extensive Margin of Time Allocation in Rural Ethiopia".
Michele Piffer of London School of Economics for his paper "Monetary Policy, Leverage Premium, And Loan Default Probability"
Rosen Valchev for his paper "Endogenous Information Asymmetry and Portfolio Bias"

The selection process - Maristella Botticini, Università Bocconi and EEA Congress Program Chair, Jan Eeckout, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and University College London, and Matteo Manera, University of Milan-Biccoca and FEEM.

Please click here to read a summary of the papers.

To listen to the interviews, please visit here


2012 Awards

Fahi Hassan for his paper "The Price of Development"
Itziar Lazkano for her paper "Intergenerational Externalities and Sustainable Growth"
Julia Schmidt for her paper "Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics"

The selection committee -  Philip Lane, Trinty College, Dublin, and EEA Congress Program Chair; Armin Falk, University of Bonn; and Matteo Manera, University of Milan-Biccoca and FEEM.

Please click here to read a summary of the papers.

To listen to the interviews, please visit here


2011 Awards

Jan Grobovsek with the paper "Development Accounting With Intermediate Goods"
Ronald P Wolthoff with the paper "Applications and Interviews: A Structural Analysis of Two-sided Simultaneous Search"
Gabriel Zucman with the paper "The Missing Wealth of Nations: Evidence From Switzerland, 1914-2010" 

The selection committee - Alessandro Lanza, Eni Corporate University and FEEM, Espen Moen, The Norwegian Business School and EEA Congress Program Chair, and Helene Rey, London Business School.

Please click here to read a summary of the papers


2010 Awards

Benjamin Elsner with the paper "Does Emigration Benefit The Stayers? The Eu Enlargement As A Natural Experiment. Evidence From Lithuania"
Nina Guyon with the paper "The Effect of Tracking Students by Ability into Different Schools"
Florian Mayneris with the paper "Entry on Export Markets and Firm-Level Performance Growth: Intra-Industrial Convergence or Divergence"

The selection committee - Fausto Panunzi, Bocconi University and FEEM, Antonio Ciccone, Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and David Stromberg, Stockholm University and EEA Congress Program Chair.

Please click here to read a summary of the papers


2009 Awards

Benedicte Apouey with the paper entitled "Winning Big but Feeling no Better? The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health";
Olga Shurchkov with the paper entitled "Under Pressure: Gender Differences in Output Quality and Quantity under Competition and Time Constraints";
Laura Turner with the paper entitled "Household Response to Individual Shocks: Disability and Labor Supply".

The selection committee - Bernardo Bortolotti, FEEM Executive Director, Antonio Ciccone, Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and EEA Program Chair, and Andrea Prat, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 

Please click here to read a summary of papers

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