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The Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA) is a general-interest journal in economics. Established in 2003, the JEEA was first published by MIT Press and from 2011 by Wiley Blackwell.  JEEA carries only articles of the highest scientific quality. It is an outlet for theoretical and empirical work with global relevance. The Journal is committed to promoting the ambitions of the EEA, the development and application of economics as a science, as well as the communication and exchange between teachers, researchers and students in economics. Six issues are published annually. The current editorial team is committed to a careful and efficient editorial process. 

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JEEA 12:3 is now downloadable through your EEA membership profile page.

JEEA Excellence in Refereeing 2013 award announced. For further details on who has been awarded this honour, please click here

The 2-year impact factor 2012 for all papers published in JEEA in the years 2010 and 2011 has attained the historical maximum for JEEA The raw impact factor 2012 (for papers published in 2010 and 2011) is 2.05. If one excludes the special P&P issue (not published since 2011), the impact factor of JEEA is 2.48. JEEA is ahead of most top field journals and of several general audience journals including the European Economic Review (1.33). Today's impact factor of JEEA is very close to that of the American Economic Review (2.79) and the Review of Economic Studies (2.86). Based on the immediacy index, which captures the cites in 2012 to article published in 2012, we forecast that the impact factor of JEEA will rise further next year.
Publishing a paper in JEEA today is a great investment to promote your research and career. Submit your best work to JEEA!

All JEEA forthcoming papers are now available on the EEA server. To access these, please log in at the member section, click on JEEA OPTIONS and then Forthcoming Papers. To view abstracts of these papers, please visit here.

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