Pre-production Papers

The following papers, listed alphabetically by the first author's last name, have been accepted for publication in JEEA, and can be downloaded in in the EEA membership log in area. 

12 April 2021

Electoral Systems and Inequalities in Government Interventions

Garance Genicot ®, Laurent Bouton ®, Micael Castanheira

This paper studies the political determinants of inequalities in government interventions under majoritarian (MAJ) and proportional representation (PR) systems. We propose a probabilistic voting model of electoral competition with highly targetable government interventions and heterogeneous localities.

13 April 2021

Improving Information from Manipulable Data

Alexander Frankel, Navin Kartik

Data-based decisionmaking must account for the manipulation of data by agents who are aware of how decisions are being made and want to affect their allocations. We study a framework in which, due to such manipulation, data becomes less informative when decisions depend more strongly on data.

10 March 2021

The Adjustment of Labor Markets to Robots

Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Jens Suedekum, Nicole Woessner

We use detailed administrative data to study the adjustment of local labor markets to industrial robots in Germany. Robot exposure, as predicted by a shift-share variable, is associated with displacement effects in manufacturing, but those are fully offset by new jobs in services.

5 March 2021

The Impact of the First Professional Police Forces on Crime

Anna Bindler, Randi Hjalmarsson

This paper evaluates the effect on crime of creating a fundamental modern-day institution: centralized professional police forces tasked with preventing crime. We study the 1829 formation of the London Metropolitan Police – the first professional force worldwide.