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The EEA Annual Congress, which takes place at the end of August - early September, is a main event among the Association's activities.

Annual congresses feature traditionally two plenary lectures in addition to the Presidential Address and consist of a number of invited paper sessions and panel debates as well as contributed papers sessions. In recent years, the EEA congresses have been held jointly with the Econometric Society.

Until the 2010 Congress all plenary lectures and invited papers were published in the Papers and Proceedings issue of the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA) appearing in March-April of the year following the Congress. From the 2010 Congress plenary lectures will appear in the regular JEEA issues while invited session papers and all contributed sessions papers since the 2002 Congress can be viewed on the Webmeets site by clicking on the 'Year' in the table below.

The last Paper and Proceeding Issue published was JEEA Volume 8 Issue 2:3

The First Annual Congress was held in Vienna in 1986. Since then the EEA had congresses in many major cities in Europe.

Year Location Programme Chair Local Arrangements Chair Participants
1986 Vienna L. Phlips D. Bös 600 plus
1987 Copenhagen C. Wyplosz B. Grodal n/a
1988 Bologna J. Sutton G. Basevi n/a
1989 Augsburg M. Hellwig B. Gahlen n/a
1990 Lisbon T. Gylfason P. Pereira n/a
1991 Cambridge F. Giavazzi D. Newbery n/a
1992 Dublin J. Vickers P.J. Drudy n/a
1993 Helsinki D. Cohen J. Paunio n/a
1994 Maastricht U. Schweizer F. Palm n/a
1995 Prague D. Neven V. Benacek n/a
1996 Istanbul S. van Wijnbergen M. Sertel n/a
1997 Toulouse Ph. Jéhiel M. Ivaldi n/a
1998 Berlin G. Roland B.A. Wickström 807
1999 Santiago de Compostela P. Rey A. Meixide 851
2000 Bolzano D. Quah G. Bocchio 573
2001 Lausanne J. Weibull JP Danthine 810
2002 Venice Th. Verdier C. Carraro 976
2003 Stockholm Tore Ellingsen H. Flam n/a
2004 Madrid F. Zilibotti M. Delgado and J. J Dolado 1394 of which 725 were EEA members 
2005 Amsterdam L. Reichlin H. Pott Butler and W. Salverda n/a 
2006 Vienna J. Ventura W. Fisher and G. Clemenz 1756 
2007 Budapest G. Corsetti L. Matyas 1489 of which 890 were EEA members
2008 Milan A. Falk D. Masciandaro 1570 of which approximately 800 were EEA members 
2009 Barcelona A. Ciccone  A. Carreras  1762 of which approximately 1020 were EEA members 
2010 Glasgow D.Stromberg  A.Paloni  920 
2011 Oslo E.Moen  A.Rodseth  1485 of which approximately 870 were EEA members 
2012 Malaga P.Lane A.Lozano Vivas 1445 of which approximately 812 were EEA members
2013 Gothenburg M.Botticini O.Olsson 1656 of which 1091 were EEA members
2014 Toulouse M.Cripps V.Réquillart and J.Echevarria 1454
2015 Mannheim V. Nocke J. Streb 1150
2016 Geneva P. Bacchetta and M.Schnitzer S. Sperlich 1444
2017 Lisbon E. Cantillon and S. Tenreyro M.Centeno and V.Escária 1560
2018 Cologne N.Gennaioli and M Reynal-Querol Felix Bierbauer  


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