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The EEA Standing Committee on Research was created by the Executive Committee and the Council of the EEA at the 2007 EEA meeting. Its founding members were confirmed by the former President of the EEA, Andreu MasColell, on October 8 2007.


The EEA Standing Committee on Research's (EEA SRC) mission is to help to fulfill the first aim of the European Economic Association: to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe (EEA Statutes, Art. 3). In particular, it will focus on the organization of economic research in Europe (funding, organizational forms, careers, diffusion, research & economic education, etc.), helping to provide information and a forum of debate on the strengths and weaknesses of economic research in Europe. As a result of this reflection in coordination with the EEA Executive Committee and Council will publicly endorse research policy measures perceived to strengthen economics as science in Europe and establish links with other European scientific societies, as well as with all type of relevant European institutions, participating in the European research policy debate.



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