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Plenary Lectures

 The ALFRED MARSHALL Lecture is given at the EEA annual Congress.

1986 Edmond Malinvaud - The Legacy Of European Stagflation
1987 Amartya Sen - Freedom Of Choice: Concept And Content
1988 Werner Hildenbrand - Facts And Ideas In Microeconomic Theory
1989 Claude Henry - Microeconomics And Public Decision Making When Geography Matters
1990 Nicholas Stern - Public Policy And The Economics Of The Development
1991 Joseph Stiglitz - Marcoeconomics And Financial Markets
1992 Roger Guersnerie - Successes And Failures In Coordinating Expectations
1993 Lars E.O. Svensson - Fixed Exchange Rates: What Have We Learned?
1994 James Mirrlees - Private Risk And Public Action
1995 Jean-Jacques Laffont - Game Theory And Structural Economics: The Case Of Auction Data
1996 Dani Rodrik - The 'Paradoxes' Of The Successful State
1997 Truman Bewley - There Is No Harm In Looking: A Close Look At Wage Rigidity
1998 Torsten Persson - The Size And Scope Of Government: Comparative Politics With Rational Politicians 
1999 Eric Maskin - Auctions, Privatization, And Development
2000 Avinash Dixit - Games of Monetary and Fiscal Interactions In The European Monetary Union
2001 Matthew Rabin  -  A Perspective On Psychology And Economics
2002 Paul Klemperer - Using And Abusing Economic Theory
2003 Daron Acemoglu - Kleptocracy And Divide-And-Rule 
2004 Dale Mortensen - Innovation, Growth And Labor Market Policies 
2005 Marco Pagano - Shareholder Protection, Stock Market Development, And Politics
2006 Raquel Fernandez - Women, Work, And Culture 
2007  Luigi Guiso - Social Capital As Good Culture
2008  James Heckman - Psychology Of Inequality And Human Development 
2009  Pinelopi Goldberg - International Property Rights Protection In Developing Countries: The Case Of Pharmaceuticals
2010  Esther Duflo - Gender Equality And Development
2011 Randy Wright - Really. Really Rational Inattention: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Sticky Prices
2012 Marianne Bertrand - Breaking The Glass Ceiling: The Effects Of Board Quotas On Female Labor Market Outcomes And Family Choices – Evidence From Norway
2013 Ed Glaeser - A World of Cities: Europe, Asia and the Americas
2014 Liran Einav - Can Healthcare Competition Work?
2015 Ilya R Segal - Property Rights and the Efficiency of Bargaining
2016 Mark Armstrong - Consumer Search
2017 Amy Finkelstein - Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
2018 Susan Athey - Models of Consumer Choice in Panels with Applications to Mobile Location Data


The JOSEPH SCHUMPETER Lecture is given at the EEA annual Congress.

1986 Herbert Giersch - Economic Policies In The Age Schumpeter
1987 Assar Linbeck - Individual Freedom And Welfare State Policy
1988 Paul Bairoch - The Paradox Of Economic History: 'Economic' Laws And History
1989 Michael Bruno - Economic Analysis And The Political Economy Of Policy Formation
1990 Jon Elster - Local Justice: How Instructions Allocate Scarce Resources
1991 Elhanan Helpman - Endogenous Growth Theory
1992 Charles Goodhart - Can We Improve The Structure Of Financial Systems?
1993 Jean Tirole - On Banking And Intermediation
1994 Martin Feldstein - Taxes, Goverment Spending, And Economic Growth
1995 John Sutton - Technology and Market Structure: Theory And History
1996 Andrei Shleifer - Government In Transition 
1997 Werner Hildenbrand - How Relevant Are Specifications of Behavioural Relations on the Micro-Level for Modelling the Time Path Of Population Aggregates?
1998 Roger Myerson - Theoretical Compasrisons Of Electoral Systems 
1999 Karl Goran Maler - Non Linear Systems In Enviromental Economics
2000 Ariel Rubinstein - A Theorist's View Of Experimental Economics
2001 Ernst Fehr -  Psychological Foundations Of Incentives
2002 Alberto Alesina - The Size Of Nations
2003 Timothy Besley - Paying Politicians 
2004  Bengt Homstrom - Understanding Coporate Governance 
2005  Philippe Aghion - Appropriate Growth Policy: A Unifying Framework
2006  John Moore - Partial Contracts 
2007  Roland Benabou - Ideology 
2008  Douglas Bernheim - Behavioral welfare Economics 
2009  Charles Bean - The Great Moderation, The Great Panic And The Great Contraction 
2010  Orazio Attanasio - House Prices And Consumption Movements In The UK
2011 Per Krusell - Economic Analyses Of Climate Change
2012 Gilles Saint Paul - On Science And Politics
2013 Xavier Vives - Can Markets Be Informationally Efficient?
2014 Massimo Marinacci - The Beauty Of Uncertainty
2015 Giancarlo Corsetti - The Mystery of the Printing Press: Monetary Policy and Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises
2016 George-Marios Angeletos - Coordination and Aggregate Demand
2017 John Van Reenen - Productivity, Management and Innovation
2018 Jaume Ventura - Sharing a Government


The PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS is given by the EEA President at the annual Congress.

1986 Jacques H. Drèze - Underemployment Equilibria: From Theory To Econometrics And Policy  
1987 Janos Kornai - Individual Freedom And Reform Of The Socialist Economy 
1988 Edmond Malinvaud - Observation In Macroeconomic Model Building 
1989 Anthony Atkinson - Public Economics And The Economic Public 
1990 Agnar Sandmo - Economists And The Welfare State 
1991 Assar Lindbeck - Macroeconomic Theory And The Labour Market 
1992 Martin Hellwig - The Challenge Of Monetary Theory
1993 Mervyn King - Debt Deflation: Theory And Evidence 
1994 Roger Guesnerie - Current Challenges For Public Economics
1995 Louis Phlips - Game-Theoretic Contributions To Competition Policy
1996 David Newberry - Privatisation And Liberalisation Of Network Utilities
1997 Reinhard Selten - Features Of Experimentally Observed Bounded Rationality
1998 Jean-Jacques Laffont - Political Economy, Information and Incentives
1999 Partha Dasgupta - Reproductive Externalities And Fertility Behaviour
2000 James Mirrlees - The Economics Of Imperfectly Rational Agents
2001 Jean Tirole 
2002 Peter Neary - Globalization And Market Structure
2003  Torsten Persson - Consequences Of Constitutions 
2004  Richard Blundell - How Revealing Is Revealed Preference?
2005  Mathias Dewtripont - Costly Communication And Incentives
2006  Andreu Mas-Colell - On Commitment And Breakdown In Bargaining Among the Many 
2007  Guido Tabellini - Institutions And Culture
2008  Ernst Fehr -  On The Economics And Biology Of Trust
2009  Nicholas Stern -  Imperfections In The Economics Of Public Policy, Imperfections In Markets, And Climate Change
2010  Timothy Besley - Fragile States And Development Policy
2011 Christopher Pissarides - Employment In Europe
2012 Jordi Galí - Notes For A New Guide To Keynes
2013 Manuel Arellano - Uncertainty, Persistence, and Heterogeneity: A Panel Data Perspective
2014 Orazio Attanasio - The Determinants Of The Accumulation Of Human Capital In Developing Countries
2015 Rachel Griffith - Gluttony and Sloth? Labour Market Nonseparabilities and the Rise in Obesity
2016 Fabrizio Zilibotti - Growing and Slowing Down Like China
2017 Philippe Aghion - Rethinking Growth
2018 Eliana La Ferrara - Aspirations, Social Norms and Development


 Special Sessions

2007 Policy Session Jean-Claude Trichet, President of European Central Bank - Productivity In The Euro Area And Monetary Policy
2009 Institutional Session José Manuel Barroso, President of European Commission, and Antoni Castells, Minister of Economy Finance, Government of Catalonia - 'Overcoming The Crisis'
2010 Adam Smith Lecture Joseph Stiglitz - Rethinking Macroeconomics - What Went Wrong And How To Fix It
2011 Nobel Session Peter Diamond, Christopher Pissarides, Dale Mortensen - Search Theory: Quo Vadis
2013 Monetary Policy Session Benoît Cœuré, Lars E.O. Svensson, John E. Williams - Challenges For Monetary Policy: Views From The Trenches
2015 Nobel Session Jean Tirole, Erik Maskin, Jean-Charles Rochet, Sir John Vickers - Market Failures and Public Policy



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