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Workshop: Inside the Economics Classroom, EEA-ESEM Lisbon 2017
The session was concerned with changes in the delivery of economics teaching. The speakers, Ralf Becker (University of Manchester), Alvin Birdi (University of Bristol), Margaret Bray (LSE) and Humberto Llavador (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) looked at active teaching and learning including backwards teaching with the CORE curriculum, classroom games, the use of flipping in economics, and other uses of technology in the teaching of economics.

The 2017 workshop can be viewed on the EEA YouTube channel here

Panel Session, EEA Mannheim 2015
The Education Committee organised a second highly successful and important panel session during EEA Mannheim 2015 entitled Academia to Public Policy: What Should we Teach our Students?. Charlie Bean, Andreu Mas-Colell and Chris Pissarides, speakers in the panel, who have combined distinguished academic careers with major policy public policy roles during and after the financial crisis, the ongoing Eurozone crisis and debates about the boundaries of nation states and membership of the Eurozone and the European Union, reflected on economic education in the light of their public policy experience and discussed both the content of what is taught and the skills and habits of thought which we instil in our students. 


Panel Session - EEA-ESEM Toulouse 2014
The Standing Committee on Economics Education organised a highly successful and important panel session during EEA-ESEM Toulouse 2014 entitled Undergraduate Education In Economics: What Should We Teach?. Wendy Carlin introduced CoreEcon to the audience, while Sergei Guriev talked about teaching what matters where it really matters. Paul Seabright concluded the panel with a talk on how technology was transforming the content of what was taught and how it was taught. 

The 2014 panel can be viewed on the EEA YouTube channel here


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