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Hicks-Tinbergen Award

In 1991 the EEA created a medal to be awarded once every two years (even years) to the author(s) of an outstanding article published in the Association’s Journal during the two preceding years. Until the end of 2002 this journal was the European Economic Review (EER). From January 2003 the article is chosen from the Journal of the European Economics Association (JEEA). It has been named the Hicks-Tinbergen medal to make it clear that the EEA stands for both theoretical and empirical work in economics in Europe. It was awarded for the first time in 1992 at the Dublin Congress. EEA members are invited to nominate papers for this Award.

The 2018 Award Winner

The Award Committee has awarded the Hicks-Tinbergen medal 2018 to Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales for their paper Long-term Persistence (published in JEEA Volume 14 Issue 6). This paper is one of the first studies establishing a link between specific historical modes of governance and current "civic capital", such as trust. The paper compares a variety of different measures of civic capital across different Italian towns today and links them to measures of self-governance in the Middle Ages, including arguably exogenous shocks to the extent of self-governance. The main finding is that a higher degree of self-governance many hundred years ago is correlated with, and plausibly causes, a high current level of civic capital. The paper also argues that one mechanism behind this striking persistence is how the degree of self-governance shaped the attitudes and preferences of the citizens - a cultural channel of sorts - as measured in surveys by "self-efficacy". Long-term Persistence has been highly influential in the broader literature on the role of institutions as well as in graduate teaching

The EEA warmly congratulates the winners.

The Hicks-Tinbergen award will be presented during the annual EEA Congress to be held in Cologne, Germany (to be held from Monday August 27 to Friday August 31 2018)

Hicks-Tinbergen Award Committee 2018 – Juuso Välimäki (Chair), Philippe Aghion and Per Krusell



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