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Hicks-Tinbergen Award

In 1991 the EEA created a medal to be awarded once every two years (even years) to the author(s) of an outstanding article published in the Association’s Journal during the two preceding years. Until the end of 2002 this journal was the European Economic Review (EER). From January 2003 the article is chosen from the Journal of the European Economics Association (JEEA). It has been named the Hicks-Tinbergen medal to make it clear that the EEA stands for both theoretical and empirical work in economics in Europe. It was awarded for the first time in 1992 at the Dublin Congress. EEA members are invited to nominate papers for this Award.

The 2016 Award Winner

The Award Committee has awarded the Hicks-Tinbergen medal 2016 to Riccardo Puglisi and James Snyder for their paper The Balanced US Press (published in JEEA Volume 13 Issue 2). This paper proposes a novel methodology for measuring ideological bias by newspapers. The key insight is that ballot propositions can be used to compare newspaper endorsements with the ex-post votes received by the proposition at the polls. Newspapers that disagree with a majority of the voters on a proposition reveal to be to the left or to the right of the median voter: if a newspaper keeps endorsing left-wing issues that lose at the polls, the newspaper is called left-wing. By averaging over multiple propositions the authors estimate an index of conservatism for each newspaper. Their results contrast with existing evidence that measured media bias by locating newspapers relative to one another or to politicians. While previous evidence had suggested that newspapers exhibited a leftward bias, the current paper finds that on average newspapers are located at the median voter in their states. Interestingly, differences emerge across issues, with newspapers being more liberal than voters on social issues, and more conservative on economic issues.  In addition to the methodology and novel results, the paper contributes to a literature in which JEEA has published some very influential work, i.e., the economics of the media.

The EEA warmly congratulates the winners.

The Hicks-Tinbergen award will be presented during the annual EEA Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, August 2016.

Hicks-Tinbergen Award Committee 2016 – Juuso Välimäki (Chair), Rachel Griffith and Eliana La Ferrara.



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