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The EEA Ethics Committee, composed of Francis Kramarz (Chair), Oriana Bandiera, James Banks, Philipp Kircher and Georg Weizsäcker, whose objective has been to provide ethical guidance (both usage and collecting of data) for economists' practices, has drafted its final document "Ethical Principles for the European Economist". The document outlines in broad strokes key principles that researchers and their institutions should contemplate when considering the ethics involved in their research. It highlights areas of particular importance, and prompts the establishment of procedures to resolve sources of conflict. It's purpose is to provide broad guidance for the researchers themselves as well as for their employers. It should also serve as a basic document that outside institutions (academic journals, etc.) can use to ask for compliance with in terms of ethical conduct of the research they are encountering. It is intended to be applicable across a number of different forms of research (laboratory experiments, field experiments, surveys, use of administrative data...) and therefore does not delve into the specifics of any of them at this point. In future EEA Executive Committee and Council meetings, the Association will contemplate whether deeper documents outlining more specific requirements or providing specific resources in each of these aforementioned fields is required.

To download the document "Ethical Principles for the European Economist", please click here

Last update December 02, 2017
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