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The Venue

EEA Mannheim 2015 will take place in the Mannheim Palace, the main building on the University of Mannheim campus, which is located right in the heart of Mannheim.

Getting to Venue
Mannheim has an extensive network of trams. The University of Mannheim is easily reachable both on foot and with public transportation from any of the main hotels / sites based in centre of Mannheim. Trams and buses in Mannheim are operated by Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) while the railway system for short-distance traffic is operated by Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar GmbH. For further information see also and The Transport network is divided into combs (“Wabe”). Each comb is one price level. The price of a ticket depends on how many combs you pass through. For the whole of Mannheim price level 2 applies. Prices range from €2.40 for a single ticket to €15.20 for a 3-day pass. To get to or from the Mannheim Palace the nearest stops are “Schloss” and “Mannheim HBF” and "Universitaet". 

For the more adventurous participant, Mannheim, like other numerous European cities, offers a bike-sha- ring service – VRNnextbike

EEA Mannheim 2015 Onsite
EEA Mannheim 2015 will take place in four buildings on the University of Mannheim campus.

Contributed Sessions
All contributed sessions will take place in the following three buildings - the Mannheim Palace, L7 (street number 3-5) and L9 (street number 1-2).
The Mannheim Palace is the largest building on the campus and is split into various sections. The letters of the room number refer to the section of the building, while the first number refers to the floor the room can be found on. Therefore EW156 refers to a room on the first floor of section EW in the Palace and O226/228 refers to a room in the O section of palace on the second floor.
There will be student helpers in the main entrances to buildings L7 and L9 with information on the session rooms. 

Invited Sessions
All invited sessions will take place in the Mannheim Palace.

Lunch Sessions
All lunch sessions will take place in the Mannheim Palace in rooms that are close to the food stations.

Plenary Sessions
All plenary sessions will take place in the lecture room of the ground floor of the A3 building, which is across the main road from the Mannheim Palace.

Coffee breaks and lunches
All coffee breaks and lunches take place in the Katakomben and Hays Forum, both on ground floor of Mannheim Palace. Please note that there are no water tanks around venue nor jugs of waters in session rooms. Water bottles are provided at the food stations at every break so participants are encouraged to take these to go.

A map of the buildings used for EEA Mannheim 2015 at the University of Mannheim will be available on the inside back cover of the Congress programme. It can also be downloaded here.

Registration and Information Desk

The registration and information desk is located to the right of the entrance of the Mannheim Palace.

The operating hours are as follows:
Monday August 24             10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday August 25            08:00 - 19:00
Wednesday August 26       08:00 - 19:00
Thursday August 27           08:00 - 17:00

There will be no attended luggage and cloakroom service during EEA Mannheim 2015.

Information Board
General announcements, last-minute changes and updates to the programme will be displayed on the message board next to the Registration and Information desk.

Exhibition Area
All exhibits will be located in O 101 (Aula) right in the heart of Mannheim Palace and close to the session rooms and the food areas. There will be a coffee station in the Aula, replenished throughout the day. For full information on the exhibition and on who will be exhibiting, please visit here.

Computer Room
There is a computer room for participants of EEA Mannheim 2015 in building L7, 3-5 (room 158) that will be open from 09:00 to 19:00 during the congress. Information on how to log into the computers can be found in the room.

WIFI Access
You will be able to access the Internet using your own device. The username and password for access to the guest wifi will be printed on the back of your name badges.
All users who have access to the Eduroam wireless network should preferably use this network.

Please follow #EEA2015 and tweet your news and photos about EEA Mannheim 2015.

Congress Assistants
There are assistants ready to help participants. Conngress assistants are easily identificable by their white University of Mannheim t-shirt.

Name Badges
All participants of EEA Mannheim 2015 are requested to wear their name badges (given at registration) AT ALL TIMES! Only participants wearing name badges will be allowed access to the scientific sessions, coffee and lunch breaks and all social events.

Printing Documents
Any participants wishing to print out documents (maximum 4 pages) during EEA Mannheim 2015, are asked to send the files as pdf attachments to at least 6 hours before needed. The organisers will then print these out and the print out can be picked up from the Registration and Information Desk (please make a note of the operating hours above). The organisers WILL NOT print out presentations and papers.

Use of Mobile Phones
Please note that the use of mobile phones during contributed, invited and plenary sessions is forbidden, and furthermore, participants are reminded that they must be turned off to avoid interference with technical equipment.

Other Useful Information

Important Numbers
Taxi 44 40 44                            +49 621 444044
Taxi Gladki                                +49 621 7027666
Taxi Mannheim 21818               +49 621 21818
Emergency fire and medical      112
Emergency Police                     110

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