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The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for EEA is composed of the following professors at the Erasmus School of Economics:

Philip Hans Franses (CHAIR) is a professor of Applied Econometrics and a Professor of Marketing Research, affiliated at Erasmus School of Economics. His research interests are time series analysis, (macro-economic and sales) forecasting, empirical finance and marketing research.

Kirsten Rohde is a professor Behavioural Economics with a focus on Intertemporal Choice at Erasmus School of Economics. Rohde’s research mainly focuses on intertemporal choice, a field of decision theory which analyses the tradeoffs people make between the present and the future. She has an interest in developing nudges to help people overcome such irrational behavior.

Robert Dur is a professor of Economics of Incentives and Performance at Erasmus School of Economics. His research interests include personnel economics, organizational economics and behavioral economics. His research focuses on the effects of incentive pay and feedback on workers' performance and well-being.

Anne Gielen is  a professor of Labor Economics and Policy at Erasmus School of Economics. Her fields of specialisation are Labor Economics, Health Economics and Applied microeconometrics. In 2017 she obtained a Vidi Grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, which has enabled her to conduct research in particular on welfare dependency across multiple generations.

Bas Jacobs is a professor of Public Finance and Economic Policy at Erasmus School of Economics. His research crosses the borders of public finance, optimal taxation, welfare economics, macroeconomics, human capital theory and labor economics.

Otto Swank is a professor of microeconomics at Erasmus School of Economics and a fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. His research focuses on communication, decision-making processes, reputational concerns, and incentives. 

If you wish to have information on the logistical organization and on-site facilities, or if you have general questions about the venue and the city, please contact LOC through


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