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The EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (EEA) is an international scientific body, with membership open to all persons involved or interested in economics. Individual membership of the EEA includes access to the Journal of the Economic Association (JEEA). Members can submit papers to JEEA for no fee. Members also have the right to submit a paper to the EEA annual congress and attend the event. 


The EEA mourns its past president, Professor Reinhard Selten

EEA opens the Seed Grant programme for for EEA members affiliated with institutions in a selection of European countries applying for ERC grants. Call can be downloaded here.

EEA Young Economist Award announced. Congratulations to Jeanne Commault, Galip Kemal Ozhan & Stephane Wolton. Full details here


EEA members can nominate suitable candidates (or self-nominate) for EEA officer elections through The EEA central office will pass all nominations on to the EEA Nominating Committee Chair

The EEA has produced some short films based on research presented at EEA congresses and lectures. View our short teaser below. All films can be viewed on EEA YouTube channel.



JEEA 14:4 is now downloadable through your EEA membership profile page. For futher details, please visit here.






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