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All projects involving real time data collection have now been integrated into the Economics Observatory (ECO) website. This is a new initiative, set up by UK-based economists and funded by the ESRC, to disseminate economics research on all aspects of the COVID pandemic on the economy. We publish short articles that synthesis the state of evidence on a given subject (e.g.  whether the crisis is a supply or demand shock and why this matters). The target audience is the media, policy makers, the general public as well as other academics. The site was launched in early June and has had a great impact so far. The EEA is delighted to have been able to integrate the work of researchers to show the body of underlying evidence that exists.


Papers focused on predicting/estimating/modelling the Spread of the Epidemics (all projects collected up until June 7, 2020)

Abellán Perpiñán J.M., Jimenez-Gomez D., Marin-Lopez B.A, Rey Biel P.
Differentiated Behavioral Responses and Lack of Delayed Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Theory, Simulations and Applications to the Asia-Europe Comparison

Adriani F.
Social distance, speed of containment, and crowding in/out in a network model of contagion

Agift Ajala O., Ullah A.
Do lockdown and testing help in curbing Covid-19 transmission?

Akhundjanov S.B., Kibria A., Oladi R.
Trading Virus: Pandemics and Economic Globalization

Aksoy C.G., Eichengreen B., Saka O.
The Political Scar of Epidemics

Almagro M., Orane-Hutchinson A.
The determinants of the differential exposure to COVID-19 in New York City and their evolution over time

Álvarez I.C., Orea L.
The role of undocumented cases in the propagation of the COVID-19 virus in Spain

Amini H., Ghiaie H., Hyman M., Imteaj A.
Interdependent Nature of Infectious Disease Propagation and Economy: the COVID-19 case

Amuedo-Dorantes C., Borra C., Rivera N., Sevilla A.
Too Much Too Late? Unintended Health Costs of Delaying the Response to a Pandemic

Askitas N., Tatsiramos, K., Verheyden, B
Lockdown Strategies, Mobility Patterns and COVID-19

AQR Research Group
Analysis of the determinants of the spread of COVID-19 at the local/regional level

Argentieri Mariani A., Gagete-Miranda J., Rettl P.
Words can hurt: how political communication can change the pace of an epidemic

Assamidanov A., Cunningham S., DeAngelo G., Thornton R.
Chicago and Covid-19: How Covid-19 Affected Non-Covid Deaths

Bachmutsky I., Kraemer M., Nax H.H., Putz F.
Social Distancing Policies in the USA: Timelines for the 21 Largest Cities in the USA

Bartscher A.K., Seitz S., Siegloch S., Slotwinski M., Wehrhöfer N.
Social capital and the spread of COVID-19: Insights from various European countries

Battiston P., Gamba S.
R₀ is lower where outbreak is larger

Baunez C., Degoulet M., Luchini S., Pintus P.A., Teschl M.
Sub-National Allocation of COVID-19 Tests: An Efficiency Criterion with an Application to Italian Regions

Baunez C., Degoulet M., Moatti J.P., Pintus P.A., Teschl L.M.
Urgently Needed for Policy Guidance: An Operational Tool for Monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic

Becchetti L., Conzo P, Conzo G., Salustri F.
Understanding heterogeneity of COVID-19 diffusion in Italy through the 'big five': lockdown, climate, pollution, age-structure and socio-economic activity

Bergman A., Craig S.
Social Distancing and Social Cost: Regional Heterogeneity and Optimal Policy Responses to Secondary COVID-19 Outbreaks

Bertoli S., Guichard L., Marchetta F.
Social distancing, local elections and spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in France

Bethune Z., Korinek A.
COVID-19 Infection Externalities: Pursuing Herd Immunity or Containment?

Bilgin N.M.
Tracing COVID-19 Spread in Italy with Mobility Data

Bluhm R., Pinkovskiy M.
The spread of COVID-19 and the BCG vaccine: A natural experiment in reunified Germany

Bognanni M., Hanley D., Kolliner D., Mitman K.
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Economics Meets Epidemiology

Bos B., Drupp M.A., Meyer J.N., Quaas M.F., Requate T., Schenk H.
The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Brotherhood L., Kircher P., Santos C., Tertilt M.
An economic model of the Covid-19 epidemic: The importance of testing and age-specific policies

Brunori P., Resce G.
Searching for the peak. Google Trends and the monitoring of the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy

Burgi C., Gorgulu N.
Spatial Distribution of the Population and the Spread of COVID-19: Implications for the U.S.Economic Lockdown

Casares M., Khan H.
A Dynamic Model of COVID-19: Contagion and Implications of Isolation Enforcement

Cerqua A., Di Stefano R.
When did coronavirus arrive in Europe?

Chudik A., Hashem Pesaran M., Rebucci A.
Voluntary and Mandatory Social Distancing: Evidence on COVID-19 Exposure Rates from Chinese Provinces and Selected Countries

Ciminelli G., Garcia-Mandicó S.
COVID-19 in Italy: an Analysis of Death Registry Data

Couture V., Dingel J., Green A., Handbury J., Williams K.
Exposure Indices for COVID-19 Research

Cuñat A., Zymek R.
The (Structural) Gravity of Epidemics

Donsimoni J.R., Glawion R., Plachter B., Weiser C.
Should contact bans be lifted in Germany? – A quantitative prediction of its effects 

Donsimoni J.R., Glawion R., Plachter B., Wälde K
Projecting the Spread of COVID19 for Germany

Edwards H., Douch M.
Aviation Networks: Disease Spread and Links to Global Supply Chains

Erkal G., Gunes D.
How Effective Are Quarantine Measures During the Pandemic Period on The Number of Cases: An Analysis on Countries with Different Income Levels

Farboodi M., Jarosch G., Shimer R.
Internal and External Effects of Social Distancing in a Pandemic

Fukui M., Kawaguchi K., Matsuura H.
Does TB Vaccination Reduce COVID-19 Infection?: No Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Analysis

Garibaldi P., Moen E.R.
SIER Models Meet Pissarides

Goldfarb A., Tucker C.A.
Which Retail Outlets Generate the Most Physical Interactions?

He Y., Pang J.
Does Transportation Infrastructure Promote the Spread of Infectious Disease? Evidence from the Covid-19 Outbreak in China 

Huber M., Langen H.
The Impact of Response Measures on COVID-19-Related Hospitalization and Death Rates in Germany and Switzerland

Jelnov P.
Confronting COVID-19 Myths: Morbidity and Mortality

Juranek S., Zoutman F.T.
The Effect of Social Distancing Measures on the Demand for Intensive Care: Evidence on COVID-19 in Scandinavia

Kapoor R., Rho H.A., Sharma B., Shenoy A., Xu G.
The Impact of Rainfall-Induced Social Distancing on Covid-19 Transmission

Karaivanov, A.
A Social Network Model of COVID-19

Köbrich León A., Schobin J.
Contagion of health protection measures - Evidence from longitudinal social network data

Kosfeld R., Mitze T., Rode J., Wälde K.
The infection effects of public health measures

Kosfeld R., Mitze T., Rode J., Wälde K.
The role of commuting flows and mobility restrictions for the space-time dynamics of Covid-19 cases in Germany

Krüger F., Schäffer T., Stahn G., Wuppermann A.
COVID-19 - Winner of the municipal elections in Bavaria?

Laliotis I., Minos D.
Spreading the disease: The role of culture

Lekfuangfu W.N., Piyapromdee S., Porapakkarm P., Wasi N.
On Covid-19: New Implications of Job Task Requirements and Spouse's Occupational Sorting

Liu L., Moon H.R., Schorfheide F.
Panel Forecasts of Country-Level Covid-19 Infections

Makris M.
Covid and Social Distancing with Heterogenous Population

Malkov E.
COVID-19 in the US: Estimates of Scenarios with Possibility of Reinfection

Massetti E., Paynabar K.
How do weather and climate affect the spread of COVID-19?

Moser C., Yared P.
Pandemic Lockdown: The Role of Government Commitment

Pérez-Sebastián F., Serrano-Quintero R.
An Economic Geography Model of COVID-19 for Europe

Saka O.
Synthetic Forecasting for COVID-19: Applications to UK and Turkey

Suwanprasert W.
COVID-19 and Endogenous Public Avoidance: Insights from an Economic Model

Valsecchi M.
Does internal migration spread Covid-19?

Wong Y-Y.L.
COVID-19 and Testing

Wong Y-Y.L.
COVID-19 and Silent Transmission

Xiao K.
Saving Lives versus Saving Livelihoods: Can Big Data Technology Solve the Pandemic Dilemma?

Yilmazkuday H.
Stay-at-Home Works to Fight Against COVID-19: International Evidence from Google Mobility Data


Related papers, not using data collected during COVID-19 spread (all projects collected up until June 7, 2020)

Aaronson D., Brave S., Butters R.A., Sacks D.W., Seo B.
Using the Eye of the Storm to Predict the Wave of Covid-19 UI Claims

Abeysinghe T., Guan T.K.
The Economic Fallout of Corona Pandemic on Singapore: For How Long?

Abo-Zaid S., Sheng X.S.
Health Shocks in a General Equilibrium Model

Alcalde J., Dahm M.
Supplier Diversity before the Time of Cholera

Alon T., Doepke M., Olmstead Rumsey J., Tertilt M.
The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Equality

Alvarez F., Argente D. Lippi F.
A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown

Arora R., Jalilian H.
Economic and Welfare impacts of Covid19

Aslam M., Debarsy N., Farvaque E., Marakbi R., Quentin D.
Long-run economic consequences of epidemics: Lessons from the “British” Cholera in India

Antunes A., Ercolani V.
Saving under a pandemic risk

Aum S., Lee S.Y., Shin Y.
Inequality of Fear and Self-Quarantine: Is There a Trade-off between GDP and Public Health?

Barbieri T., Basso G., Sciccchitano S.
Italian workers at risk during the COVID-19 epidemic

Bargagli Stoffi F., Riccaboni M., Rungi A.
Machine Learning for Zombie Hunting. Firms’ Failures and Financial Constraints.

Barrot J.N., Grassi B.,Sauvagnat J.
Sectoral effects of social distancing

Beverelli C., Ticku R.
Illicit trade and disease spread

Bonadio B., Huo Z., Levchenko A., Pandalai-Nayar N.
Global Supply Chains in the Pandemic

Bosca J.E., Ferri J., Rubio M.
Monetary and fiscal policy measures to cope with the COVID-19 crisis in Europe

Bradley J., Ruggieri A., Spencer A.
Twin Peaks: Covid-19 and the Labor Market

Busato F., Chiarini B., Cisco G., Ferrara M. Marzano E.
A Macrodynamic Perspective for COVID-19

Button P.
The Impact of COVID-19 and the Oncoming Recession on the ‘Bridge Jobs’ that Older Workers Take to Delay Retirement

Carillo M., Jappelli T.
Pandemic and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Influenza in Italy

Cerina F., Leon-Ledesma M.A., Moro A., Trendall M., Tanaka S.
Home Production, Welfare, and the Distributional Consequences of the Covid-19 Lockdown

Coffey C., Corrigan E.,McQuinn K.,  O’Toole  C., Slaymaker R.,
Investigating the impact of COVID-19 unemployment and income shocks on housing affordability and rental payment arrears for Irish households

Corrado L. Grassi S., Paolillo A
Disaster shocks and level shifts during the Pandemic

de Oliveira Souza T.
Externalities, incentives, government failure, and the Coronavirus outbreak

De Vito A., Gómez J.P.
Estimating the COVID-19 Cash Crunch: Global Evidence and Policy

Delaporte I., Peña W.
Working From Home Under COVID-19: Who is Affected? Evidence From Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Delventhal M.J., Kwon E., Parkhomenko A.
How Do Cities Change when We Work from Home?

Fan J.
The Welfare Logic of City Lockdown

Fuentes R., Galeotti M., Lanza A., Manzano B.
Covid-19 and Climate Change: A Tale of Two Global Problems

Gerba E., Macchiarelli C., Rubio M., Yao F.
A theoretical evaluation of the comprehensive macroeconomic impact, and the policy mix (monetary and fiscal) required to tackle the COVID-19 contraction in the UK

Ghiaie H.
Housing, the Credit Market and Unconventional Monetary Policies: From the Sovereign Crisis to the Great Lockdown

Giménez-Nadal J.I., Molina J.A., Velilla J.
Time at home, togetherness, and subjective well-being

Glover A., Heathcote J., Krueger D., Rios-Rull J-V.
Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic

Gottlieb C., Grobovsek J., Poschke M.
Working From Home across Countries

Gregory V., Menzio G., Wiczer D.
Pandemic Recession: L or V Shaped?

Harpedanne de Belleville L-M.
Act Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Slowing Contagion with Unknown Spreaders, Constrained Cleaning Capacities and Costless Measures

Heijmans R.J.R.K., Moura A.
Rational Pandemics

Hornstein A.
Social Distancing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing, and Testing: Implications of an Augmented SEIR Model

Hu J., Zhou Z.
Government Disclosure in Epidemics

Kakeu J.J.
Linking Heterogeneous Policies for curbing COVID-19 Pandemic

Kaplan G., Moll B., Violante G.
Pandemics According to HANK

Ke R., Song Y.
Viral Epidemics among Economic Agents: Incentives and Policies

Kikuchi S., Kitao S., Mikoshiba M.
Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 in Japan: Roles of Labor Market Heterogeneity

Koren M., Pető R.
Business disruptions from social distancing

Krueger D., Uhlig H., Xie T.
Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic

Li Y.
Information Asymmetry in an Epidemic: An Equilibrium Analysis of Communication Failure

Ludvigson S.C., Ma S., Ng S.
COVID19 and The Macroeconomic Effects of Costly Disasters

Luo S., Ping Tsang K., Yang Z.
The Impact of Stay-at-Home Orders on US Output: A Network Perspective

Manning F. T. C.
The Potential Effects of COVID-19 on Land and Housing Values in the Short and Long term: Direct vs Indirect Real Estate Markets and Economic Crises

McAdams D.
Nash SIR: An Economic-Epidemiological Model of Strategic Behavior During a Viral Epidemic

Myrzakhmet M.
Impact of COVID-19 on structural changes in the industrial sectors of countries rich in natural resources: the case of Kazakhstan

Nyman R., Ormerod P., Rowthorn R.
Epidemiological Models with Endogenous Behavioural Response

Pietrunti M.
The impact of a coordinated monetary and fiscal policy reaction to a pandemic shock

Osotimehin S., Popov L.
Sectoral impact of covid-19: Cascading Risks

Théroude V., Zylbersztejn A.
Norms that make us cooperative: Using the COVID-19 lockdown as a natural experiment

Whitmeyer M.
When Testing for a Virus Makes Things Worse

von Thadden E-L.
A simple, non-recursive model of the spread of Covid-19 with applications to policy

van Vlokhoven H.
Policy During an Epidemic With Super-Spreaders

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