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List of of Projects


a. Focused on impact on economic/social outcomes and opinions:

d'Adda G., Mahmud M., Said F., Ubfal D.
Constraints to Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: the role of women’s goals and aspirations

Abajobir A., Donfouet H., de Groot R., Janssens W., Pradhan M., Sidze E.
Using weekly financial and health diaries to track health and income effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and government response measures in rural Kenya

Abate G., de Brauw A., Hirvonen K.
Impact of COVID-19 on food and nutrition security in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Abdelwahed L., Campbell R., Czurylo T., Ohannessian S.
The impact of COVID-19 on consumption and income inequality

Abel M., Brown W.
Prosocial Behavior in the Time of COVID-19: The Effect of Private and Public Role Models

Adams R.
Gender Equality in Work and Covid-19 Deaths

Adams-Prassl A., Boneva T., Golin M., Rauh C
Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: New Survey Evidence for the UK

Adena M., Harke J.
Does the COVID-19 pandemic increase or decrease pro-sociality and does it shift donations towards more local causes?

Ahmed F., Islam A., Pakrashi D., Rahman T., Siddique A., Vlassopoulos M.
The health and wellbeing impacts of COVID-19 among rural households in Bangladesh

Ahmed A., Bakhtiar M., Gilligan D.O., Hoddinott J.
The impact of COVID-19 on food and nutrition security in Bangladesh

Afridi F., Dhillon A, Roy S.
Understanding the Response to and Recovery from the COVID-19 Crisis among Informal Sector Workers in Urban India

Ahundjanov B.B., Akhundjanov S.B., Okhunjanov B.B.
Information Search and Financial Market Performance under Pandemic: Evidence from COVID-19

Ahundjanov B.B., Akhundjanov S.B., Okhunjanov B.B.
Risk Perception and Oil and Gas Markets under Pandemic: Evidence from COVID-19

Ajzenman N., Calvacanti T., Da Mata D.
More than Words: Leaders’ Speech and Risky Behavior During a Pandemic

Akhundjanov S.B., Kibria A., Oladi R.
Economics of COVID-19 Multilateral Foreign Aid

Akintoye-Bentola L., MacNeill T., Wozniak D.
Pro-Sociality, altruism, and Physical Distancing: Cultural Dimensions of Resiliency to Covid-19 Pandemic Shock

Aksoy C.G., Ganslmeier M., Poutvaara P.
COVID-19 Pandemic, Public Attention, and Policy Responses

Aliapoulios M., Baronichelli A., Bracci A., Gallo A., Gradwell P., Grey I., McCoy D., Teytelboym A., Yehia A.
The Shadow Economy during COVID-19: Effects of the Pandemic on Dark Web Marketplaces

Allcott H., Boxell L., Conway J., Gentzkow M., Thaler M., Yang D.
Polarization and Public Health: Partisan Differences in Social Distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Alsan M. Banerjee A., Breza E., Chandrasekhar A., Duflo E., Goldsmith-Pinkham P., Ogbu-Nwobodo L., Olken B., Stanford F.C., Torres C., Vautrey P.L.
COVID-19 Health Messaging to Underserved Communities

Alsharawy A., Ball S., Smith A., Spoon R.
Preferences, Beliefs and Behavior during the COVID-19 outbreak

Alvarez-Gonzalez F., Garcia-Hiernaux A., Santarelli M.
Online Auction Markets in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Amaral S., Buck L., Prakash N., Sviatschi M.M.
Macroeconomic Shocks and Domestic Violence: Evidence from COVID-19

Amore M. D., Perlucco V., Quarato F.
Ownership and business resilience during a pandemic

Amat F., Arenas A., Falcó-Gimeno  A., Muñoz J.
Pandemics meet democracy. Experimental evidence from the COVID-19 crisis in Spain

Amodio F., Chiovelli G., Martelli A.
Entering the labour market during a pandemic: scarring effects and youth unemployment

Andersen A.G., Hansen E.T., Johannesen N., Sheridan A.
Consumer Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from Bank Account Transaction Data

Andersen M., Maclean J.C., Pesko M., Simon K.
Effect of a federal paid sick leave mandate on physical mobility

Andersson O., Campos-Mercade P., Carlsson F., Schneider F., Wengström E.
The welfare effect on households of social isolation

Andrieș A.M., Ongena S., Sprincean N.
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Sovereign Bond Risk

Anger, S., Bernhard, S., Dietrich, H., Lerche, A., Patzina, A., Sandner, M., Toussaint, C.
Covid-19-related school closures: Impact on students in their final high school years

Anenberg E.
The Effect of COVID-19 on Home Prices and Sales

Annan F., Archibong B.
Staying Close When Apart: The Value of “Information Communication” during COVID-19 Pandemics

Anundsen A.K., Kivedal B., Røed Larsen E., Thorsrud L.A.
How contagious is a pandemic to the housing market? Evidence from day-by-day sales and minute-by-minute bids after a Covid-19 policy intervention

Apergis N, Apergis, E, Lynch N
Macroeconomic effects of the CoViD-19 supply shock: Evidence from a global country sample and a GVAR model

Armbruster S., Eckert I., Klotzbuecher V.
Lost in Lockdown? The Effect of Social Distancing and Quarantine Policies on Mental Health in Germany

Asanov  I., Åstebro T.,  Buenstorf G., Crépon B., Flores F., Mensmann M., Schulte M.
Showing Life Opportunities: COVID-19 Rapid Response Survey

Asanov I., Mavlikeeva M.
Ethnic Employment Gap During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Great Equalizer or Divider?

Asiedu E., Durizzo K., Günther I., van der Merwe A., van Nierkerk A.
Impact of social-distancing on the urban poor in South Africa and Ghana

Augiar E., Caniëls M., Chawla Y., Cortiñas M., Greco M., Kowalska-Pyzalska A., Lazarczyk E., Nishkin A., Oralhan B., Shen A.Y., Silvera P., WidayatW., Will M.
Attitudes, behaviours and sources of information among social media users towards COVID19: A cross-cultural explanatory study

Axhausen K., Hinterman B., Molloy J., Schoeman  B., Tchervenkov C.
Effect of Covid-19 and the enacted policy measures on individual travel behavior

Baccini L., Brodeur A.
Explaining Governors’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Baker S.R., Farrokhnia R.A., Meyer S., Pagel M.
How Does Household Spending Respond to an Epidemic? Consumption During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Bali Swain R., Ranganathan S.
Interlinkages between Sustainable Development Goals and Covid related disaster risk

Baliki G., Brück T., Esenaliev D., Ferguson N., Freudenreich H., Hoeffler A., Justino P., Schreiner M., Stojetz W.
Life with Corona

Bamieh O., Ziegler L.
What are the Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis on Labor Demand? An Analysis Using Job Board Data from Austria

Bamieh O., Ziegler L.
When school closes, dad works and mum stays home?

Banerjee R., Bhattacharya J., Majumdar P.
Prediction bias in times of Covid-19: Use of a linear infection-prediction model when the true model is exponential

Bargain O.
Trust and Compliance to Public Health Policies in Time of COVID-19

Barrot J.-N., Sauvagnat J., Grassi B.
Estimating the costs and benefits of mandated business closures in a pandemic

Basso G., Boeri T., Caiumi A., Paccagnella M.
Safe Matching and Labor Reallocation

Battiston P., Kashyap R., Rotondi V.
Trust in experts during an epidemic

Bekoe J., Hassan S.M., Riveros J.
The Impact of Covid-19 in the Performance of Stock Market Indices

Beland L-P., Brodeur A., Wright T.
The Short-Term Effect of COVID-19 on Employment and Wages

Bellas A., Kosnik L-R.
State-Wide Stay at Home Orders: Science-Based, or Ideologically Driven

Benzell S., Collis A., Nicolaides C.
Rationing Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmission Risk and Social Benefits of US Locations

Bentzen J.
In Crisis We Pray: Religiosity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Berkouwer S., Lee K., Miguel E., Wolfram C.
Resilience to economic shocks through continued electricity access

Berman N., Couttenier M., Monnet., Ticku R.
Shutdown policies and worldwide conflict

Bick A., Blandin A.
Labor Market Outcomes and Time Use During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Bird M., Frisancho V., Lavado P.
Are Palliative Cash Transfers Effective to Counteract the Effects of Stay-at-Home Orders? Evidence from Peru

Bircan C., De Haas R.
Banks as Bridges? Firm Funding during the COVID-19 Cash Crunch

Björkman-Nyqvist M., Clerici C., Guariso A., Svensson J.
Community Health Care and COVID-19 Pandemic: Experimental evidence from Uganda

Bjorvatn B., Ferris D., Gulesci S., Nasgowitz., Somville V., Vandewalle L.
Do cash transfers help sustain economic and psychological well-being in times of crisis – Experimental evidence from Uganda

Bloem J.R., Salemi C.
COVID-19 and Conflict

Blouin A., Dyer J.
Viral Narratives: Evidence from media outlets during COVID

Boring A., Moroni G.
The impact of lockdown on the division of housework and childcare in French households

Borri N., Drago F., Santantonio C., Sobbrio F.
The Short and Long Run impact of the “Great Lockdown”: Lessons from Italy

Bounie D., Camara Y., Galbraith J.W.
Consumers' Mobility, Expenditure and Online- Offline Substitution Response to COVID-19: Evidence from French Transaction Data

Borup D., Hansen J.W., Liengaard B., Schütte E.C.M
Epidemic spreads of COVID-19 narratives and their effect on financial phenomena

Both F., de New J.P., Salamanca N.
The Corona Virus COVID-19 Crisis

Bowlus A.J., Wong Y.-Y.
The Effect of COVID19 on Labor Market Flows by Occupation and Gender

Branas-Garza P., Espín A.M., Kovářík J.
Risk and time preferences under the lockdown

Briscese G., Lacetera N., Macis M., Tonin M.
Compliance with COVID-19 social-distancing measures in Italy: The role of expectations and duration

Brodeur A., Clark A., Fleche S., Powdthavee N.
COVID-19, Stay-at-Home Orders and Well-Being: Evidence from Google Trends

Brooks W., Donovan K., Johnson T.
The Impact of Cash in a Crisis: Evidence from Dandora, Kenya during and after Covid-19

Bruni L., De Rosa D., Pelligra V., Reggiani T., Rizzoli M., Santori P., Smerilli A.
Well-being, religious beliefs and virtual relations at the time of COVID-19 lockdown

Brzezinski A., Deiana G., Kecht V., Van Dijcke D.
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Government vs. Community Action Across the United States

Bu D., Hanspal T., Liao Y., Liu Y.
Risk Taking during a Global Crisis: Evidence from Wuhan

Buchheim L., Dovern J., Krolage C., Link S.
Expectations and Behavior of Firms in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bui D., Dräger L., Hayo B., Nghiem G.
The causal influence of information about COVID-19 on laypersons trust in government, perception of their living conditions, and economic expectations

Burova A., Gornostaev D., Ponomarenko A., Seleznez S., Sinyakov A., Turdyeva N.
Nowcasting (real-time estimates of) Aggregate Economic Activity and Financial Stability Risks using National Payment System Data during COVID19 outbreak

Button P., Dils E., Fumarco L., Schwegman D.
How Does the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Access to Mental Health Care? Evidence from an Audit Field Experiment in the United States

Cabral L., Xu L.
Seller Reputation and Price Gouging: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Campos-Mercade P., Meier A.N., Schneider F.H., Wengström E.
Prosociality predicts health behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cappelen A.W., Falch R., Sørensen E. Ø., Tungodden B.
Solidarity and Fairness in Times of Crisis

Caria S., Fetzer T., Fiorin S., Goetz F., Gómez M., Haushofer J., Hensel L., Ivchenko A., Jachimowicz., Kraft-Todd G., Reutskaja E., Roth C., Witte M., Yoeli E.
Measuring Worldwide COVID-19 Attitudes and Beliefs

Carr J., Clifton-Sprigg J., James J., Vujić S.
Hate Crime in Time of the Corona

Carrieri V., De Paola M., Gioia F.
The implicit health-money trade-off in Covid-19 pandemic

Carrieri V., De Paola M., Gioia F.
The youth and Covid-19: how to communicate effectively the emergency

Caselli M., Fracasso A., Traverso S.
Mitigation of risks of Covid-19 contagion and robotisation: Evidence from Italy

Casoria F., Galeotti F., Villeval M.C
Social distancing and pro-sociality in times of acute sanitary crisis

Champeaux H., Mangiavacchi L., Marchetta F.
Children’s education and use of time during the Covid-19 lockdown in France and Italy

Chang B., Janssen M., Millard J., Passani A., Profeta A.
Our relationship with food during the covid-19 pandemic

Chang M.S., Higuchi Y., Ishii K., Ishino T., Nagasu M., Naoi M., Ogaki M., Okubo T., Sumita K., Yamamto I.
The effects of COVID-19 crisis on Japanese households: a study using the data from the special survey of Japan Household Panel Survey(JHPS)

Charoenwong B., Kwan A., Pursiainen V.
Social connections with COVID-19 affected areas increase compliance with mobility restrictions

Chaudhry S.M.
Cross-country economic policy response to COVID-19

Chen C., Frey C.B., Presidente G.
Democracy, Culture, and Contagion: Political Regimes and Countries Responsiveness to Covid19

Chen S., Igan D., Pierri N., Presbitero A.F.
Tracking the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Europe and the United States

Cheng Z., Mendolia S., Paloyo A., Savage D., Tani M.
Emotional states and the COVID-19 pandemic: evolution, national differences, and their relationship with emergency policies

Chiavari A., Morazzoni M
Infectious Diseases, Social Distancing and Firm Dynamics

Chiou L., Tucker C. E.
Social Distancing, Internet Access and Inequality

Chiplunkar G., Das S.
Political Institutions and Policy Responses during a Crisis

Cho Y., Li J.
Heterogeneous Consumption and Income Responses during the COVID-19 crisis

Collyer S., Gao Q., Garfinkel I., Neckerman K., Teitler J., Waldfogel J., Wimer C.
COVID-19 and Disadvantage in New York City: A Study Using Data from the Robin Hood and Columbia University Poverty Tracker and Early Childhood Poverty Tracker

Cook J.A., Taylor T.W.
The Effect of Shelter-in-Place Orders on Domestic Violence

Cororaton A., Rosen S.
Public Firm Borrowers of the US Paycheck Protection Program

Cortes M.
Heterogeneous Labor Market Impacts During the Early Stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cueva C., Iturbe-Ormaetxe I.
Asset price expectations during the financial crash of the COVID-19 pandemic

Cunningham S., DeAngelo G., Le Y. Thornton R.
School Closures, Shelter-in-Place, and Crime and Legal Proceedings

Dahlhaus T., Sekhposyan T.
Daily Monitoring of Economic Activity in North America by Electricity Consumption

Dasgupta K., Erwin C., Plum A.
Be kind: domestic violence and mental health during a strict COVID-19 lockdown

Dasgupta K., Diegmann A., Kirchmaier T., Plum A.
The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Employment and Mental Health

David B.D.
Robo-Advisor Adoption, Willingness to Pay, and Trust—An Experimental Investigation Pre and During Covid-19

De Fraja G., Matheson J., Rockey J.
The geography of post COVID-19 shutdown recovery risk in UK economic activity. Implications for recovery inequality and targeted stimulus

De Giorgi G., Huang Y., Viarengo M.
The Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Subsequent Debt Relief Policies

Del Boca D., Oggero N., Profeta P., Rossi M.C.
The effects of Covid on Women: work, housework and financial decisions

Della Giusta M., Biroli P., Di Girolamo A., Jaworska S.
Life in social isolation

Deng M., Fang M., Liu C., Song T.
Lock-down or Let-it-flow: A Spatial Analysis of COVID-19 on Chinese Economy

Deryugina T., Shurchkov O., Stearns J.
The Effects of COVID-19 on the Gender Gap in Academic Research Productivity

Dinarte L., Medina-Cortina E., Winkler H.
Remittances in the time of COVID-19. Evidence from Mexico

Ding H., Fan H., Lin S.
COVID-19, Firm Exposure, and Firm Value: A Tale of Two Lockdowns

Doganoglu T., Ozdenoren E.
Should I stay or should I go (out): The role of trust and norms in disease prevention during pandemics

Donati D., Rao N., Gars J.
Stereotypes and political attitudes in the age of Coronavirus: empirical evidence from Italy

Doremus J., Vasilaky K.
The effects of marketing inclusivity in the wake of Covid-19 on university matriculation

Driscoll J., Sonin K., Wilson J., Wright A.
Poverty and Economic Dislocation Reduce Compliance with COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Protocols

Duch R., Jiao P.
Coronavirus Pandemic Shock, Economic Preferences and Beliefs: An Online Survey Experiment

Durante R., Guiso L., Gulino G.
Civic capital and social distancing: evidence from the response to COVID-19 in Italy and Germany

Dyevre A., Yeung T Y.C.
Partisanship and Public Health: Early Evidence from Belgium during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ebert C., Javadekar S., Steinert J.
The impact of COVID-19 on violence against women and children in Germany

Echazu L., Nocetti D.
Willingness to pay for morbidity and mortality risk reductions during an epidemic. Theory and preliminary evidence from the COVID-19 epidemic

Engler D., Groh E., Gutsche G., Simixhiu A., Ziegler A.
Stability of economic preferences in times of crisis

Eppinger P., Felbermayr G., Krebs O., Kukharskyy  B.
COVID-19 Shocking Global Value Chains

Fadinger H., Schymik J.
The Effects of Working from Home on Covid-19 Infections and Production – A Macroeconomic Analysis for Germany

Falco P., Zaccagni S.
Promoting social distancing in a pandemic: Beyond the good intentions

Farré L., González L.
The impact of COVID-19 on work and time-use in the family

Farré L., González L., Champeaux H., Mangiavacchi L., Marchetta F., Schwieren C.
The impact of covid-19 on paid and unpaid work in the family: an international comparison

Favero C., Ichino A., Rustichini A.
Restarting the economy while saving lives under Covid-19

Feng S., Li W., Liu Z., Rommel J.
Housing market discrimination following the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China

Fernandez-Kranz D., Nollenberger N.
Understanding the rise of Domestic Violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence from Spain

Fetzer T., Hensel L., Hermle J. , Roth C.
Perceptions of Pandemic Risk Factors and Economic Anxiety: Evidence from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Filippin A., Pace N.
The effect of social distancing on risk aversion, trust, and solidarity

Foremny D., Sorribas-Navarro P., Vall Castello J.
Living at the Peak: Health and Public Finance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Forsythe E.
Labor Market Flows and the Covid-19 Economy

Freddi E., Wasenden O.C.
Privacy under Pandemics: Do we really want to be tracked?

Fu J., Mishra M.
The Global Impact of COVID-19 on Fintech Adoption

Gao Y., Lazarova E.
How Online Gig Economy Reshapes the International Labour Market Amid COVID-19

Gechter M., Tsivanidis N., Young N.
Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Vulnerable Populations: Evidence from Jordan

Gibbons M.A., Murphy T.E., Rossi M.A.
The short-term effect of quarantine requirement on domestic violence

Glimcher P., Caplin A., Raio C., Mellis A.
Our COVID Story

Glover A., Tanaka S.
Labor Market Policies during a Pandemic

Goff S., Ifcher J., Zarghamee H.
COVID-19 and Attitudes about Markets and Government

Gómez-Puig M., Sosvilla-Rivero S.
COVID19-induced economic sentiments spreads: Evidence from the European Union

Goossens J.T.G., Knoef M.
Measuring Risk and Time Preferences During the Emergence of the COVID-19 Crisis

Grewenig E., Lergetporer P., Werner K., Woessmann L., Zierow L.
Covid-19 and Educational Inequality – Evidence from Germany

Greyling T., Rossouw S.
A cross country analyses of sentiment and emotions, before and after COVID-19, using big data

Groh E.D., Köbrich León A., Schobin J.
Coronavirus and climate change – individual spillover in private public good provision

Grossman G., Kim S., Rexer., Thirumurthy H.
Political partisanship influences behavioral responses to governors' recommendations for COVID-19 prevention in the United States

Gulesci S., Puente Beccar M., Ubfal D.
Youth Empowerment in Bolivia

Hanspal T., Weber A., Wohlfart J.
Income and Wealth Shocks and Expectations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hardy M., Kagy G., Meyer C., Tamrat Demeke E., Witte M.
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Lives of Women in the Garment Industry: Evidence from Ethiopia

Hargreaves Heap S., Koop C., Matakos K., Unan A., Weber N.
Maximizing effectiveness of policy-based responses to Covid-19: Mapping citizens’ preferences over multi-dimensional trade-offs

Harrison G.W., Hofmeyr A., Kincaid H., Monroe B., Ross D.,Schneider M., Swarthout J.T.
Evolution of atemporal and intertemporal risk preferences, time preferences, and subjective beliefs about prevalence and mortality of COVID-19 during the course of the global crisis - An incentivised experiment with American and South African samples

Hasan S., Rehman A., Zhang W.
Disparate Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdowns in Pakistan Affecting Girls and Rural Residents

He G., Pan Y., Tanaka T.
COVID-19, City Lockdowns, and Air Pollution: Evidence from China

Heyden T., Heyden K.J
Market Reactions to the Arrival and Containment of COVID-19: An Event Study

Holler R., Janys L., Siflinger B., von Gaudecker H-M., Zimpelmann C.
Labour supply in the early stages of the CoViD-19 Pandemic: Empirical Evidence on hours, home office, and expectations

Horvath D., Wang Y.-L.
The Impact of Covid-19 on US Stock Market: Fama-French Models

Huang L., Xie R., Yang G.
Lockdown and Health: the Role of Air Pollution

Huang N., Pang J., Yang Y.
Does Covid-19 Affect Neighborhood Amenity?

Huang N., Pang J., Yang Y.
The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown and Re-opening on the Housing Market: Evidence from China

Huber S.J., Salle I.
Household Behaviour: The COVID-19 “Dance” Phase

Humphries J.E., Neilson C., Ulyssea G.
COVID-19 and Small Firms: Expectations, Relief Take-Up and Firm Dynamics

Hupkau C., Petrongolo B.
The short- and long-term consequences of COVID-19 on gender equality

Huseynov S., Palma M.A., Nayga Jr R.M.
The tradeoff between healthcare and income contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Iacono R.
Locked-down in a welfare state: visible costs and hidden gains

Ibikunle G., Rzayev K.
Volatility, dark trading and market quality: evidence from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic driven market volatility

Jaeger D.A., Seals R.A.
The Global COVID-19 Student Survey

Jamison J., Safir A., Zia B.
Mapping the impact of COVID-19 on the distribution of youth-led businesses in Kenya

Kapteyn A.
Tracking the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of American Households

Katayama M., Kubota S., Hamano M.
The Trade-Offs Between Economy and Health: An Assessment of COVID-19 Policies in Japan

Kaustia M., Yu W.
Do environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) efforts make firms less vulnerable to financial market shocks? Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic

Khan A., Nasim S., Shaukat M., Stegmann A.
Trust in the State and Citizen Cooperation: Evidence from Pakistan

Kidwai A.H, Mussio I., Sosa Andres M.
Changes in higher order risk attitudes during a pandemic: the impact of rapid increases in health background risk on financial decisions

Kikuchi S., Kitao S., Mikoshiba M.
Heterogeneous Vulnerability to the COVID-19 Crisis in Japan

Kiss-Dobronyi B., Szekeres M.
Working from home: occupations and performance, results from Hungary

Klose J., Tillman P.
COVID-19 and Financial Markets: A Panel Analysis for European Countries

Kong E., Prinz D.
The Impact of Shutdown Policies on Unemployment During a Pandemic

Koopmans P., Knoef M., van Lent M.
COVID-19 and the demand for flexible annuities

Korhonen M., Puhakka M.
Changes in preferences due to Covid-19: a longitudinal study from the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts

Kumar D., Pandey V., Singh S.
COVID-19 Lockdown, Institutional Responsiveness, and Household Well-being: Evidence from India

Lakhani K., Myers K., Wang D.
Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Scientists’ Research

Lee J. N., Mahmud M., Morduch J., Ravindran S., Shonchoy A.P
Contagion and Migration in South Asia

Lenz D., Kinne J., Winker P., Krüger M., Licht G
Analysis of websites regarding firms’ reactions to Corona pandemic in Germany

Li K. K.
How Does the COVID-19 Outbreak Affect People’s Expectation about the Macroeconomy?

Li K. ,Qin Y., Wu J., Yan J
Containing the Virus or Reviving the Economy? Evidence from Individual Expectations during the Covid-19 Epidemic

Liu N., Wang P.
Belief Change to Market Economy or Planned Economy? Shock from COVID-19

Lohmann P., Gsottbauer E., Kontoleon A., You J.
Preferences and economic decision-making in the wake of COVID-19: Experimental evidence from China

Löschel A., Price M., Razzolini L., Werthschulte M.
COVID-19, the stability of preferences and environmental choices

Löschel A., Price M., Razzolini L., Werthschulte M.
Uncovering the effects of COVID-19 on wellbeing and economic decision-making

Lopes M.
Adoption of Telework and E-learning During COVID-19 Lockdown

Luo S., Ping Tsang K.
How Much of China and World GDP Has The Coronavirus Reduced?

Lucidi F.S.
Macroeconomic effects and spillovers among countries of the Covid-19 pandemic

Malik S., Mihm B., Reichelt M.
Accepting the mask, accepting the mosque? The effects of COVID-19 related face covering on prejudice towards religious veiling

Malik S., Mihm B.
The short run and long run effects of COVID-19 on children’s human capital and labor

Mahmud M., Riley E.
Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on economic outcomes and well-being of rural communities in Western Uganda

Masters W.A.
COVID disruptions and resilience of retail food prices around the world

McCannon B.C.
Do Governors Lead or Follow? Timing of Stay-at-Home Orders

McQuinn K., Vathalitis P.
Debt sharing after Covid-19: How the direct involvement of EU institutions impacts the recovery path of a member state

Meier J.-M., Smith J.
The COVID-19 Bailouts

Mendolia S., Stavrunova O., Yerokhi O.
Determinants of the community mobility during the COVID-19 epidemic: the role of government regulations and information

Miglioretti M., Gragnano A., Picco E.
Agile Working in times of COVID-19

Miloucheva B., Cornelson K.
Political polarization, social fragmentation, and cooperation during a pandemic

Montinari N., Ploner M., Rattini V.
Identity in Multicultural Society

Morales D., Rodríguez C., Schmidt-Padilla C.
Improving Task Completion by School Principals During the COVID-19 Crisis

Nayga R., Pappalardo G., Yang W.
Food purchase behavior during COVID-19 pandemic

Önder Y.K., Ruiz-Sanchez M.A., Villamizar-Villegas M.
Effect of Coronavirus on Bank Loans and Credit Rationing in an Emerging Market Economy

Oreffice S., Quintana-Domeque C.
COVID-19 information and demand for protective gear in the UK

Ortmann R., Pelster M., Wengerek S.T.
COVID-19 and Investor Behavior

Painter M., Qiu T.
Political Beliefs affect Compliance with COVID-19 Social Distancing Orders

Paklina S., Parshakov P.
COVID-19 and labour demand: Evidence from Russia

Pakrashi D., Islam A., Wang L.C.
Perceived risk and Wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis in India

Park Z.
Multinationals and Covid-19

Phan T., Schwartzman F.
Disasters and Defaults

Nikolov P., Pape A., Tonguc O.
The Role of Inter-temporal Biases in Influencing Individuals’ Demand for Social Distancing

Pan W.-F.
Job search behaviour in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic

Quinn S.
COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan

Ramelli S., Wagner A.
Feverish Stock Price Reactions to COVID-19

Reade J.J., Singleton C.
Demand for Public Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of European Football

Reggiani T., Rovelli R.
The physical cost of the COVID-19 lockdown for non-professional athletes

Rodríguez C., Schmidt-Padilla C., Morales D.
Improving Bureaucratic Effectiveness during the COVID-19 Crisis

Ru H., Yang E., Zou K.
What Do We Learn from SARS-CoV-1 to SARS-Cov-2 Evidence from Global Stock Markets

Ruiz-Valenzuela J., Hupkau C.
Parental job loss and job insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic and children’s outcomes

Schoenfeld J.
The Invisible Risk: Pandemics and the Financial Markets

Sen A., Tucker C. E.
Social Distancing and School Closures: Documenting Disparity in Internet Access among School Children

Serra Garcia M., Szech N.
Willingness to get tested for COVID-19 Antibodies: Impact of Prices, Strength, and Duration of Protective Immunity

Shayegh S., Malpede M.
Staying Home Saves Lives, Really!

Shi K., Tang J., Xu J.
Epidemics, Trade and Containment Policies

Srivastava A., Das M.
Impact of COVID – 19 Lockdown on the Socio-Economic Condition of Informal Sector Wage Workers in India

Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE-ERIC), Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA), Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy
"SHARE Corona” Questionnaire gathers data about the social, health and economic impact of Covid-19 on people aged 50 or older in Europe and Israel

Tucker C. E., Yui S.
The Early Effects of Coronavirus-Related Social Distancing Restrictions on Brands

Watanabe T.
The Responses of Consumption and Prices in Japan to the COVID-19 Crisis and the Tohoku Earthquake

Wolski M., Wruuck P.
Internet use and job market sentiment: An early assessment of COVID-19 pandemic shock across the EU

Xu C., Liu Y.
Social Cost with No Political Gain: The “Chinese Virus” Effect

Yilmazkuday, H.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the Global Economy

Yilmazkuday H.
Coronavirus Effects on the U.S. Unemployment: Evidence from Google Trends

Young Lives
Listening to Young Lives at Work: Impact of the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on young people in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam

Zhang R.
Income Effect in Private Contribution of Public Goods: Economic Impact Payment in the COVID-19 Pandemic


b. Focused on predicting/estimating/modelling the Spread of the Epidemics

Abellán Perpiñán J.M., Jimenez-Gomez D., Marin-Lopez B.A, Rey Biel P.
Differentiated Behavioral Responses and Lack of Delayed Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Theory, Simulations and Applications to the Asia-Europe Comparison

Adriani F.
Social distance, speed of containment, and crowding in/out in a network model of contagion

Agift Ajala O., Ullah A.
Do lockdown and testing help in curbing Covid-19 transmission?

Akhundjanov S.B., Kibria A., Oladi R.
Trading Virus: Pandemics and Economic Globalization

Aksoy C.G., Eichengreen B., Saka O.
The Political Scar of Epidemics

Almagro M., Orane-Hutchinson A.
The determinants of the differential exposure to COVID-19 in New York City and their evolution over time

Álvarez I.C., Orea L.
The role of undocumented cases in the propagation of the COVID-19 virus in Spain

Amini H., Ghiaie H., Hyman M., Imteaj A.
Interdependent Nature of Infectious Disease Propagation and Economy: the COVID-19 case

Amuedo-Dorantes C., Borra C., Rivera N., Sevilla A.
Too Much Too Late? Unintended Health Costs of Delaying the Response to a Pandemic

AQR Research Group
Analysis of the determinants of the spread of COVID-19 at the local/regional level

Argentieri Mariani A., Gagete-Miranda J., Rettl P.
Words can hurt: how political communication can change the pace of an epidemic

Assamidanov A., Cunningham S., DeAngelo G., Thornton R.
Chicago and Covid-19: How Covid-19 Affected Non-Covid Deaths

Bachmutsky I., Kraemer M., Nax H.H., Putz F.
Social Distancing Policies in the USA: Timelines for the 21 Largest Cities in the USA

Bartscher A.K., Seitz S., Siegloch S., Slotwinski M., Wehrhöfer N.
Social capital and the spread of COVID-19: Insights from various European countries

Battiston P., Gamba S.
R₀ is lower where outbreak is larger

Baunez C., Degoulet M., Luchini S., Pintus P.A., Teschl M.
Sub-National Allocation of COVID-19 Tests: An Efficiency Criterion with an Application to Italian Regions

Baunez C., Degoulet M., Moatti J.P., Pintus P.A., Teschl L.M.
Urgently Needed for Policy Guidance: An Operational Tool for Monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic

Becchetti L., Conzo P, Conzo G., Salustri F.
Understanding heterogeneity of COVID-19 diffusion in Italy through the 'big five': lockdown, climate, pollution, age-structure and socio-economic activity

Bergman A., Craig S.
Social Distancing and Social Cost: Regional Heterogeneity and Optimal Policy Responses to Secondary COVID-19 Outbreaks

Bertoli S., Guichard L., Marchetta F.
Social distancing, local elections and spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in France

Bethune Z., Korinek A.
COVID-19 Infection Externalities: Pursuing Herd Immunity or Containment?

Bilgin N.M.
Tracing COVID-19 Spread in Italy with Mobility Data

Bluhm R., Pinkovskiy M.
The spread of COVID-19 and the BCG vaccine: A natural experiment in reunified Germany

Bognanni M., Hanley D., Kolliner D., Mitman K.
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Economics Meets Epidemiology

Bos B., Drupp M.A., Meyer J.N., Quaas M.F., Requate T., Schenk H.
The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Brotherhood L., Kircher P., Santos C., Tertilt M.
An economic model of the Covid-19 epidemic: The importance of testing and age-specific policies

Brunori P., Resce G.
Searching for the peak. Google Trends and the monitoring of the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy

Burgi C., Gorgulu N.
Spatial Distribution of the Population and the Spread of COVID-19: Implications for the U.S.Economic Lockdown

Casares M., Khan H.
A Dynamic Model of COVID-19: Contagion and Implications of Isolation Enforcement

Cerqua A., Di Stefano R.
When did coronavirus arrive in Europe?

Chudik A., Hashem Pesaran M., Rebucci A.
Voluntary and Mandatory Social Distancing: Evidence on COVID-19 Exposure Rates from Chinese Provinces and Selected Countries

Ciminelli G., Garcia-Mandicó S.
COVID-19 in Italy: an Analysis of Death Registry Data

Couture V., Dingel J., Green A., Handbury J., Williams K.
Exposure Indices for COVID-19 Research

Cuñat A., Zymek R.
The (Structural) Gravity of Epidemics

Donsimoni J.R., Glawion R., Plachter B., Weiser C.
Should contact bans be lifted in Germany? – A quantitative prediction of its effects 

Donsimoni J.R., Glawion R., Plachter B., Wälde K
Projecting the Spread of COVID19 for Germany

Edwards H., Douch M.
Aviation Networks: Disease Spread and Links to Global Supply Chains

Erkal G., Gunes D.
How Effective Are Quarantine Measures During the Pandemic Period on The Number of Cases: An Analysis on Countries with Different Income Levels

Farboodi M., Jarosch G., Shimer R.
Internal and External Effects of Social Distancing in a Pandemic

Fukui M., Kawaguchi K., Matsuura H.
Does TB Vaccination Reduce COVID-19 Infection?: No Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Analysis

Garibaldi P., Moen E.R.
SIER Models Meet Pissarides

Goldfarb A., Tucker C.A.
Which Retail Outlets Generate the Most Physical Interactions?

He Y., Pang J.
Does Transportation Infrastructure Promote the Spread of Infectious Disease? Evidence from the Covid-19 Outbreak in China 

Huber C., Huber J., Kirchler M.
Volatility shocks and investment behavior

Huber M., Langen H.
The Impact of Response Measures on COVID-19-Related Hospitalization and Death Rates in Germany and Switzerland

Jelnov P.
Confronting COVID-19 Myths: Morbidity and Mortality

Juranek S., Zoutman F.T.
The Effect of Social Distancing Measures on the Demand for Intensive Care: Evidence on COVID-19 in Scandinavia

Kapoor R., Rho H.A., Sharma B., Shenoy A., Xu G.
The Impact of Rainfall-Induced Social Distancing on Covid-19 Transmission

Karaivanov, A.
A Social Network Model of COVID-19

Köbrich León A., Schobin J.
Contagion of health protection measures - Evidence from longitudinal social network data

Kosfeld R., Mitze T., Rode J., Wälde K.
The infection effects of public health measures

Kosfeld R., Mitze T., Rode J., Wälde K.
The role of commuting flows and mobility restrictions for the space-time dynamics of Covid-19 cases in Germany

Krüger F., Schäffer T., Stahn G., Wuppermann A.
COVID-19 - Winner of the municipal elections in Bavaria?

Laliotis I., Minos D.
Spreading the disease: The role of culture

Lekfuangfu W.N., Piyapromdee S., Porapakkarm P., Wasi N.
On Covid-19: New Implications of Job Task Requirements and Spouse's Occupational Sorting

Liu L., Moon H.R., Schorfheide F.
Panel Forecasts of Country-Level Covid-19 Infections

Makris M.
Covid and Social Distancing with Heterogenous Population

Malkov E.
COVID-19 in the US: Estimates of Scenarios with Possibility of Reinfection

Massetti E., Paynabar K.
How do weather and climate affect the spread of COVID-19?

Moser C., Yared P.
Pandemic Lockdown: The Role of Government Commitment

Pérez-Sebastián F., Serrano-Quintero R.
An Economic Geography Model of COVID-19 for Europe

Suwanprasert W.
COVID-19 and Endogenous Public Avoidance: Insights from an Economic Model

Valsecchi M.
Does internal migration spread Covid-19?

Wong Y-Y.L.
COVID-19 and Testing

Wong Y-Y.L.
COVID-19 and Silent Transmission

Xiao K.
Saving Lives versus Saving Livelihoods: Can Big Data Technology Solve the Pandemic Dilemma?

Yilmazkuday H.
Stay-at-Home Works to Fight Against COVID-19: International Evidence from Google Mobility Data



Aaronson D., Brave S., Butters R.A., Sacks D.W., Seo B.
Using the Eye of the Storm to Predict the Wave of Covid-19 UI Claims

Abeysinghe T., Guan T.K.
The Economic Fallout of Corona Pandemic on Singapore: For How Long?

Abo-Zaid S., Sheng X.S.
Health Shocks in a General Equilibrium Model

Alcalde J., Dahm M.
Supplier Diversity before the Time of Cholera

Alon T., Doepke M., Olmstead Rumsey J., Tertilt M.
The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Equality

Alvarez F., Argente D. Lippi F.
A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown

Arora R., Jalilian H.
Economic and Welfare impacts of Covid19

Aslam M., Debarsy N., Farvaque E., Marakbi R., Quentin D.
Long-run economic consequences of epidemics: Lessons from the “British” Cholera in India

Antunes A., Ercolani V.
Saving under a pandemic risk

Aum S., Lee S.Y., Shin Y.
Inequality of Fear and Self-Quarantine: Is There a Trade-off between GDP and Public Health?

Barbieri T., Basso G., Sciccchitano S.
Italian workers at risk during the COVID-19 epidemic

Bargagli Stoffi F., Riccaboni M., Rungi A.
Machine Learning for Zombie Hunting. Firms’ Failures and Financial Constraints.

Barrot J.N., Grassi B.,Sauvagnat J.
Sectoral effects of social distancing

Beverelli C., Ticku R.
Illicit trade and disease spread

Bonadio B., Huo Z., Levchenko A., Pandalai-Nayar N.
Global Supply Chains in the Pandemic

Bosca J.E., Ferri J., Rubio M.
Monetary and fiscal policy measures to cope with the COVID-19 crisis in Europe

Bradley J., Ruggieri A., Spencer A.
Twin Peaks: Covid-19 and the Labor Market

Busato F., Chiarini B., Cisco G., Ferrara M. Marzano E.
A Macrodynamic Perspective for COVID-19

Button P.
The Impact of COVID-19 and the Oncoming Recession on the ‘Bridge Jobs’ that Older Workers Take to Delay Retirement

Carillo M., Jappelli T.
Pandemic and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Influenza in Italy

Cerina F., Leon-Ledesma M.A., Moro A., Trendall M., Tanaka S.
Home Production, Welfare, and the Distributional Consequences of the Covid-19 Lockdown

Coffey C., Corrigan E.,McQuinn K.,  O’Toole  C., Slaymaker R.,
Investigating the impact of COVID-19 unemployment and income shocks on housing affordability and rental payment arrears for Irish households

Corrado L. Grassi S., Paolillo A
Disaster shocks and level shifts during the Pandemic

de Oliveira Souza T.
Externalities, incentives, government failure, and the Coronavirus outbreak

De Vito A., Gómez J.P.
Estimating the COVID-19 Cash Crunch: Global Evidence and Policy

Delaporte I., Peña W.
Working From Home Under COVID-19: Who is Affected? Evidence From Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Delventhal M.J., Kwon E., Parkhomenko A.
How Do Cities Change when We Work from Home?

Fan J.
The Welfare Logic of City Lockdown

Gerba E., Macchiarelli C., Rubio M., Yao F.
A theoretical evaluation of the comprehensive macroeconomic impact, and the policy mix (monetary and fiscal) required to tackle the COVID-19 contraction in the UK

Ghiaie H.
Housing, the Credit Market and Unconventional Monetary Policies: From the Sovereign Crisis to the Great Lockdown

Giménez-Nadal J.I., Molina J.A., Velilla J.
Time at home, togetherness, and subjective well-being

Glover A., Heathcote J., Krueger D., Rios-Rull J-V.
Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic

Gottlieb C., Grobovsek J., Poschke M.
Working From Home across Countries

Gregory V., Menzio G., Wiczer D.
Pandemic Recession: L or V Shaped?

Harpedanne de Belleville L-M.
Act Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Slowing Contagion with Unknown Spreaders, Constrained Cleaning Capacities and Costless Measures

Heijmans R.J.R.K., Moura A.
Rational Pandemics

Hornstein A.
Social Distancing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing, and Testing: Implications of an Augmented SEIR Model

Hu J., Zhou Z.
Government Disclosure in Epidemics

Kakeu J.J.
Linking Heterogeneous Policies for curbing COVID-19 Pandemic

Kaplan G., Moll B., Violante G.
Pandemics According to HANK

Ke R., Song Y.
Viral Epidemics among Economic Agents: Incentives and Policies

Kikuchi S., Kitao S., Mikoshiba M.
Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 in Japan: Roles of Labor Market Heterogeneity

Koren M., Pető R.
Business disruptions from social distancing

Krueger D., Uhlig H., Xie T.
Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic

Ludvigson S.C., Ma S., Ng S.
COVID19 and The Macroeconomic Effects of Costly Disasters

Luo S., Ping Tsang K., Yang Z.
The Impact of Stay-at-Home Orders on US Output: A Network Perspective

Manning F. T. C.
The Potential Effects of COVID-19 on Land and Housing Values in the Short and Long term: Direct vs Indirect Real Estate Markets and Economic Crises

McAdams D.
Nash SIR: An Economic-Epidemiological Model of Strategic Behavior During a Viral Epidemic

Myrzakhmet M.
Impact of COVID-19 on structural changes in the industrial sectors of countries rich in natural resources: the case of Kazakhstan

Nyman R., Ormerod P., Rowthorn R.
Epidemiological Models with Endogenous Behavioural Response

Pietrunti M.
The impact of a coordinated monetary and fiscal policy reaction to a pandemic shock

Osotimehin S., Popov L.
Sectoral impact of covid-19: Cascading Risks

Théroude V., Zylbersztejn A.
Norms that make us cooperative: Using the COVID-19 lockdown as a natural experiment

Whitmeyer M.
When Testing for a Virus Makes Things Worse

von Thadden E-L.
A simple, non-recursive model of the spread of Covid-19 with applications to policy

van Vlokhoven H.
Policy During an Epidemic With Super-Spreaders

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