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The EEA encourages researchers, teams of researchers and institutions to send a short description (see below) of research projects that are in progress and involve gathering and analyzing data during the COVID-19 crisis (for example on prices, labour supply, employment, household savings, consumption, attitudes/sentiments, etc.). Please specify data, country and research design in the brief description of the project. The EEA also welcomes abstracts describing projects involving theoretical/quantitative economic modelling of COVID-19.

The EEA will create a register of projects undertaking such work, whether in Europe or elsewhere, with the goal of making aware and connecting researchers working on similar real- time projects in different countries. The list is available and updated within a few days of being received on the website of the EEA. The aim is to encourage research and produce studies across countries that can provide comparable economic insights.

Please note that from Monday, June 8, the EEA WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT projects focused on predicting/estimating/modelling the spread of epidemics, nor related papers not using data collected during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The EEA would also like to flag that, at a later stage, researchers who registered their projects will be informed of a call for full papers on COVID-19-related topics. From this call, a set of papers will also be selected for an EEA-sponsored research conference with the option of having a special issue of the JEEA on this topic.

Please submit these descriptions to the EEA central office – To ensure uniformity of information that we publish on EEA website, we ask you to send us in word doc the following information:

1. Title
2. Authors and affiliations and contact emails
3. Abstract
4. Data description
5. JEL codes for the project
6. Key-words

If you have a paper, be it in finalised form or working, please upload it on your website and on the word doc, please put the url link to the paper.

If you have further inquiries on the initiative please direct them to, copying in (Giovanni Peri, co-editor of JEEA).

Last update June 27, 2020
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