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The following papers, listed alphabetically by the first author's last name, have been accepted for publication in JEEA. Click on the title to view the abstract of the article. To download and read these papers, please log in at the EEA member section and click on Access JEEA Papers.

All papers of JEEA 16:5 and other forthcoming papers are available on the ADVANCE ACCESS section of the Oxford University Press JEEA website. All other forthcoming papers are downloadable in the EEA membership profile area in their pre-production state. For a list of the papers available at ADVANCE ACCESS, please click here.

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Philippe Aghion, Xavier Jaravel, Dorothée Rouzet, and Torsten Persson
Education and Military Rivalry

Sule Alan and Seda Ertac
Mitigating the Gender Gap in the Willingness to Compete: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

Siwan Anderson and Debraj Ray
Missing Unmarried Women

Philippe Andrade, Christophe Cahn, Henri Fraisse, and Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier
Can the Provision of Long-Term Liquidity Help to Avoid a Credit Crunch? Evidence from the Eurosystem’s LTRO

Mikhail Anufriev, Cars Hommes, and Tomasz Makarewicz
Simple Forecasting Heuristics that Make us Smart: Evidence from Different Market Experiments

Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer and Randi Hjalmarsson
Politics in the Courtroom: Political Ideology and Jury Decision Making

Jose Asturias, Manuel Garcia-Santana, and Roberto Ramos
Competition and the Welfare Gains from Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India

Orazio Attanasio, Britta Augsburg, and Ralph De Haas
Microcredit Contracts, Risk Diversificationand Loan Take-Up

Thomas Baudin, David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi
Endogenous Childlessness and Stages of Development

Giuseppe Berlingieri, Holger Breinlich and Swati Dhingra
The Impact of Trade Agreements on Consumer Welfare - Evidence from the EU Common External Trade Policy

Anna Bindler and Randi Hjalmarsson
Path Dependency in Jury Decision-Making

Teodora Boneva and Christopher Rauh
Parental Beliefs about Returns to Educational Investments - The Later the Better?

Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò, and Gino Gancia
Trade, Finance and Endogenous Firm Heterogeneity

Cristina Borra, Libertad González, and Almudena Sevilla
The Impact of Scheduling Birth Early on Infant Health

Maarten Bosker, Harry Garretsen, Gerard Marlet, and Clemens van Woerkens
Nether Lands. Evidence on the Price and Perception of Rare Natural Disasters

Adrian Bruhin, Ernst Fehr, and Daniel Schunk
The Many Faces of Human Sociality: Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences

Gary Charness and Daniela Grieco
Creativity and Financial Incentives

Alejandro Corvalán, Pablo Querubín, and Sergio Vicente
The Political Class and Redistributive Policies

Florian Deuflhard, Dimitris Georgarakos, and Roman Inderst
Financial Literacy and Savings Account Returns

Francesc Dilmé  and Daniel Garrett
Residual Deterrence

Andrew Eyles and Stephen Machin
The Introduction of Academy Schools to England’s Education

Matthias Fahn, Valeria Merlo, and Georg Wamser
The Commitment Role of Equity Financing

Emel Filiz-Ozbay and Neslihan Uler
Demand for Giving to Multiple Charities: An Experimental Study

Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, and Jörg Paetzold
The Intergenerational Causal Effect of Tax Evasion: Evidence from the Commuter Tax Allowance in Austria

Roland G. Fryer, Jr., Philipp Harms, and Matthew Jackson
Updating Beliefs when Evidence is Open to Interpretation: Implications for Bias and Polarization

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
When the State Mirrors the Family: The Design of Pension Systems

Fabio Galeotti, Maria Montero, and Anders Poulsen
Efficiency versus Equality in Bargaining

Alessandro Galesi and Omar Rachedi
Services Deepening and the Transmission of Monetary Policy

Christina Gathmann, Ines Helm, and Uta Schönberg
Spillover Effects of Mass Layoffs

Corrado Giulietti, Mirco Tonin, and Michael Vlassopoulos
Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US

Uri Gneezy, Silvia Saccardo, and Roel Van Veldhuizen
Bribery: Behavioral Drivers of Distorted Decisions

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Viacheslav Sheremirov, and Oleksandr Talavera
Price Setting in Online Markets: Does IT Click?

Veronika Grimm and Friederike Mengel
Experiments on Belief Formation in Networks

Hans Peter Grüner and Christoph Siemroth
Crowdfunding, Efficiency, and Inequality

Anna Gumpert
The Organization of Knowledge in Multinational Firms

Jiaxiu He, Nelson Gouveia, and Alberto Salvo
External Effects of Diesel Trucks Circulating Inside the Sao Paulo Megacity

Christopher Hansman, Jonas Hjort and Gianmarco Leon
Interlinked Firms and the Consequences of Piecemeal Regulation

Stephan Heblich and Alex Trew
Banking and Industrialization

Bart Hobijn and Fernanda Nechio
Sticker Shocks: Using VAT Changes to Estimate Upper-Level Elasticities of Substitution

Alex R. Horenstein and Manuel S. Santos
Understanding Growth Patterns in US Health Care Expenditures

Philip Jung and Moritz Kuhn
Earnings Losses and Labor Market Mobility Over the Life Cycle

Daniel A. Kamhöfer, Hendrik Schmitz, and Matthias Westphal
Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-monetary Returns to Higher Education

Brian Knight and Ana Tribin
The Limits of Propaganda: Evidence from Chavez’s Venezuela

Horacio A. Larreguy, John Marshall, and James M. Snyder Jr.
Leveling the Playing Field: How Campaign Advertising Can Help non- Dominant Parties

Andrei A. Levchenko and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar
TFP, News, and "Sentiments:" The International Transmission of Business Cycles

David I. Levine, Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, Carolyn Cotterman, and Andrew M. Simons
What Impedes Efficient Adoption of Products? Evidence from Randomized Sales Offers for Fuel-Efficient Cookstoves in Uganda

Renfu Luo, Grant Miller, Scott Rozelle, Sean Sylvia, and Marcos Vera-Hernández
Can Bureaucrats Really be Paid Like CEOs? Substitution between Incentives and Resources among School Administrators in China

Friederike Mengel, Jan Sauermann and Ulf Zölitz
Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations

Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch, and Stephen Redding
Task Specialization in U.S. Cities from 1880-2000

Stelios Michalopoulos, Louis Putterman, and David N. Weil
The Influence of Ancestral Lifeways on Individual Economic Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Raoul Minetti, Pierluigi Murro, Zeno Rotondi, and Susan Chun Zhu
Financial Constraints, Firms' Supply Chains and Internationalization

Monika Mrázová and J. Peter Neary
Selection Effects with Heterogeneous Firms

L Rachel Ngai, Christopher Pissarides, and Jin Wang
China's Mobility Barriers and Employment Allocations

Paolo Surico and Riccardo Trezzi
Consumer Spending and Property Taxes

Edoardo Teso
The Long-Term Effect of Demographic Shocks on the Evolution of Gender Roles: Evidence from the Transatlantic Slave Trade




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