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The following papers, listed alphabetically by the first author's last name, have been accepted for publication in JEEA. Click on the title to view the abstract of the article. To download and read these papers, please log in at the EEA member section and click on Access JEEA Papers.

Some papers of JEEA 15:1, and other forthcoming papers, are available on the Early View section of the Wiley Blackwell JEEA website. All other forthcoming papers are downloadable in the EEA membership profile area in their pre-production state. For a list of the papers available at Early View, please click here.

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Daron Acemoglu and Matthew O.Jackson
Social Norms and the Enforcement of Laws

Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Pantelis Koutroumpis and Tommaso Valletti
Speed 2.0 - Evaluating Access to Universal Digital Highways

Facundo Albornoz, Samuel Berlinski and Antonio Cabrales
Motivation, Resources and the Organization of the School System

Jørgen Juel Andersen, Niels Johannesen, David Dreyer Lassen and Elena Paltseva
Petro Rents, Political Institutions, and Hidden Wealth: Evidence from Offshore Bank Accounts

Scott Barrett and Astrid Dannenberg
Tipping versus Cooperating to Supply a Public Good

Guillaume Bazot
Financial Consumption and the Cost of Finance: Measuring Financial Efficiency in Europe (1950--2007)

Gunhild Berg and Bilal Zia
Harnessing Emotional Connections to Improve Financial Decisions: Evaluating the Impact of Financial Education in Mainstream Media

Sonia Bhalotra, Martin Karlsson and Therese Nilsson
Infant Health and Longevity: Evidence from A Historical Intervention in Sweden

Jake Bradley, Fabien Postel-Vinay and Helene Turon
Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: A Structural Model

Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Erzo F.P. Luttmer and Olivia S. Mitchell
Cognitive Constraints on Valuing Annuities

Nadia Campaniello, Theodoros M. Diasakos and Giovanni Mastrobuoni
Rationalizable Suicides: Evidence from Changes in Inmates' Expected Length of Sentence

Alexander W. Cappelen, Trond Halvorsen, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden
Face-Saving or Fair-Minded: What Motivates Moral Behavior?

Syngjoo Choi, Andrea Galeotti and Sanjeev Goyal
Trading in Networks: Theory and Experiments

Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Dedola
The Mystery of the Printing Press: Monetary Policy and Self-fulfilling Debt Crises

Guido Matias Cortes and Giovanni Gallipoli
The Costs of Occupational Mobility: An Aggregate Analysis

Mathieu Couttenier, Pauline Grosjean and Marc Sangnier
The Wild West is Wild: The Homicide Resource Curse

Giovanna d'Adda, Donja Darai, Nicola Pavanini and Roberto Weber
Do Leaders Affect Ethical Conduct?

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Katrin Köhler, Mirjam R. J. Lange and Tobias Wenzel
Demand Shifts due to Salience Effects: Experimental Evidence

David Dillenberger, Andrew Postlewaite and Kareen Rozen
Optimism and Pessimism with Expected Utility

James Dow, Itay Goldstein and Alexander Guembel
Incentives for Information Production in Markets where Prices Affect Real Investment

Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani and Biagio Speciale
Illegal Migration and Consumption Behavior of Immigrant Households

Jeffrey C. Ely, Daniel F. Garrett and Toomas Hinnosaar

Florian Englmaier and Till Stowasser
Electoral Cycles in Savings-Bank Lending

Keith Marzilli Ericson
On the Interaction of Memory and Procrastination: Implications for Reminders, Deadlines, and Empirical Estimation

Beatrix Eugster, Rafael Lalive, Andreas Steinhauer and Josef Zweimüller
Culture, Work Attitudes and Job Search: Evidence from the Swiss Language Borde

James Feyrer, Dimitra Politi and David N. Weil
The Cognitive Effects of Micronutrient Deficiency: Evidence from Salt Iodization in the United States

Andreas Fuchs and Kai Gehring (Data files will be available from the publisher)
The Home Bias in Sovereign Ratings

Reyer Gerlagh and Matti Liski
Consistent Climacy Policies

Stephen Gibbons, Olmo Silva and Felix Weinhardt
Neighbourhood Turnover and Teenage Attainment

Uri Gneezy, Lorenz Goette, Charles Sprenger and Florian Zimmermann
The Limits of Expectations-Based Reference Dependence

Rachel Griffith, Rodrigo Lluberas and Melanie Luhrmann
Gluttony and Sloth? Calories, Labour Market Activity and the Rise of Obesity

Martin Halla, Alexander F. Wagner and Josef Zweimüller
Immigration and Voting for the Far Right

Simon Janssen
The Decentralization of Wage Bargaining and Income Losses after Worker Displacement

Beata Javorcik and Steven Poelhekke
Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed?

Nancy Qian and David Yanagizawa-Drott
Government Distortion in Independently Owned Media: Evidence from U.S. News Coverage of Human Rights

Ilya R Segal and Michael D. Whinston
Property Rights and the Efficiency of Bargaining

Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Accounts: The Best of Both Worlds

Ofer Setty
Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Accounts: The Best of Both Worlds




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