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The following papers, listed alphabetically by the first author's last name, have been accepted for publication in JEEA. Click on the title to view the abstract of the article. To download and read these papers, please log in at the EEA member section and click on Access JEEA Papers.

Some articles of JEEA 16:1 and some forthcoming papers are available on the ADVANCE ACCESS section of the Oxford University Press JEEA website. All other forthcoming papers are downloadable in the EEA membership profile area in their pre-production state. For a list of the papers available at ADVANCE ACCESS, please click here.

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Philipp Ager and Antonio Ciccone
Agricultural Risk and the Spread of Religious Communities

Philipp Ager, Casper Worm Hansen, and Peter Sandholt Jensen
Fertility and Early-Life Mortality: Evidence from Smallpox Vaccination in Sweden

Marina Agranov, Jacob K. Goeree, Julian Romero, and Leeat Yariv
What Makes Voters Turn Out: The Effects of Polls and Beliefs

Gani Aldashev, Esteban Jaimovich and Thierry Verdier
Small is Beautiful: Motivational Allocation in the Non-Profit Sector

Fernando Alvarez, Francesco Lippi, and Luigi Paciello
Monetary Shocks in Models with Observation and Menu Costs

Francesco Amodio and Giorgio Chiovelli
Ethnicity and Violence During Democratic Transitions: Evidence from South Africa

Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer and Randi Hjalmarsson
Politics in the Courtroom: Political Ideology and Jury Decision Making

Michele Battisti, Gabriel Felbermayr, Giovanni Peri, and Panu Poutvaara
Immigration, Search and Redistribution: a Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare

Samuel Bentolila, Marcel Jansen, and Gabriel Jiménez
When Credit Dries Up: Job Losses in the Great Recession

Giuseppe Berlingieri, Holger Breinlich and Swati Dhingra
The Impact of Trade Agreements on Consumer Welfare - Evidence from the EU Common External Trade Policy

Timothy Besley and Hannes Mueller
Institutions, Volatility and Investment

Marcello Bofondi, Luisa Carpinelli, and Enrico Sette
Credit Supply During a Sovereign Debt Crisis

Teodora Boneva and Christopher Rauh
Parental Beliefs about Returns to Educational Investments - The Later the Better?

Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò, and Gino Gancia
Trade, Finance and Endogenous Firm Heterogeneity

Cristina Borra, Libertad González, and Almudena Sevilla
The Impact of Scheduling Birth Early on Infant Health

Maarten Bosker, Harry Garretsen, Gerard Marlet, and Clemens van Woerkens
Nether Lands. Evidence on the Price and Perception of Rare Natural Disasters

Abel Brodeur, Warn N. Lekfuangfu and Yanos Zylberberg
War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry

Filipe Campante, Ruben Durante and Francesco Sobbrio
Politics 2.0: The Multifaceted Effect of Broadband Internet on Political Participation

Fabio Canova and Medhi Hamidi Saneh
Are Small-Scale SVARs Useful for Business Cycle Analysis? Revisiting Non-Fundamentalness

David Card, Jochen Kluve, and Andrea Weber
What Works? A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program Evaluations

Gary Charness and Daniela Grieco
Creativity and Financial Incentives

Steve Cicala, Roland Fryer, and Jörg L. Spenkuch
Self-selection and Comparative Advantage in Social Interactions

Guido Matias Cortes and Giovanni Gallipoli
The Costs of Occupational Mobility: An Aggregate Analysis

Alexandre B. Cunha and Emanuel Ornelas
The Limits of Political Compromise: Debt Ceilings and Political Turnover

Jonathan de Quidt
Your Loss Is My Gain: A Recruitment Experiment With Framed Incentives

Wouter J. Den Haan, Pontus Rendahl and Markus Riegler
Unemployment (Fears) and Deflationary Spirals

Florian Deuflhard, Dimitris Georgarakos, and Roman Inderst
Financial Literacy and Savings Account Returns

Gabriel Felbermayr, Giammario Impullitti and Julien Prat
Firm Dynamics and Residual Inequality in Open Economies

Patrick Fève, Julien Matheron and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
The Horizontally S-Shaped Laffer Curve

Emel Filiz-Ozbay and Neslihan Uler
Demand for Giving to Multiple Charities: An Experimental Study

Luca Fornaro
International Debt Deleveraging

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
When the State Mirrors the Family: The Design of Pension Systems

Sebastian Galiani, Paul J. Gertler and Raimundo Undurraga
The Half-Life of Happiness: Hedonic Adaptation in the Subjective Well-Being of Poor Slum Dwellers to the Satisfaction of Basic Housing Needs

Paolo Gelain, Kevin Lansing and James Natvik
Leaning Against the Credit Cycle

Stephen Gibbons, Sandra McNally and Martina Viarengo
Does Additional Spending Help Urban Schools? An Evaluation Using Boundary Discontinuities

Corrado Giulietti, Mirco Tonin, and Michael Vlassopoulos
Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Viacheslav Sheremirov, and Oleksandr Talavera
Price Setting in Online Markets: Does IT Click?

Anna Gumpert
The Organization of Knowledge in Multinational Firms

David Hemous and Morten Olsen
Long-term Relationships: Static Gains and Dynamic Inefficiencies

Holger Herz and Dmitry Taubinsky
What Makes a Price Fair? An Experimental Analysis of Market Experience and Endogenous Fairness Views

Bart Hobijn and Fernanda Nechio
Sticker Shocks: Using VAT Changes to Estimate Upper-Level Elasticities of Substitution

Alex R. Horenstein and Manuel S. Santos
Understanding Growth Patterns in US Health Care Expenditures

Ivan Jaccard
Asset Pricing and the Propagation of Macroeconomic Shocks

Daniel A. Kamhöfer, Hendrik Schmitz, and Matthias Westphal
Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-monetary Returns to Higher Education

Brian Knight and Ana Tribin
The Limits of Propaganda: Evidence from Chavez’s Venezuela

Horacio A. Larreguy, John Marshall, and James M. Snyder Jr.
Leveling the Playing Field: How Campaign Advertising Can Help non- Dominant Parties

David I. Levine, Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, Carolyn Cotterman, and Andrew M. Simons
What Impedes Efficient Adoption of Products? Evidence from Randomized Sales Offers for Fuel-Efficient Cookstoves in Uganda

Friederike Mengel, Jan Sauermann and Ulf Zölitz
Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations

Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch, and Stephen Redding
Task Specialization in U.S. Cities from 1880-2000

Raoul Minetti, Pierluigi Murro, Zeno Rotondi, and Susan Chun Zhu
Financial Constraints, Firms' Supply Chains and Internationalization

Vincenzo Quadrini and Qi Sun
Credit and Firm-Level Volatility of Employment

Paolo Surico and Riccardo Trezzi
Consumer Spending and Property Taxes

Edoardo Teso
The Long-Term Effect of Demographic Shocks on the Evolution of Gender Roles: Evidence from the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Frederick van der Ploeg and Aart de Zeeuw
Climate Tipping and Economic Growth: Precautionary Capital and the Price of Carbon



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