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Women In Economics (WinE) Update
As Chair of the European Economic Association's Women in Economics (WinE) Committee, I am writing to keep you informed about developments within the Committee recently.
WinE Mentoring Retreat 2016
After the extremely successful WinE Mentoring and Networking workshops for junior female economists held in 2013 (Gothenburg), 2014 (Toulouse) and 2015 (Mannheim), the 4th WinE Mentoring Retreat took place before EEA-ESEM in Geneva, Switzerland, in August and was attended by 40 junior female economists, the majority of whom were Europe-based. The Retreat had a similar format to that of previous ones, with sessions on topics such as publishing, grant writing, networking and work/life balance on the first day, followed by a networking reception. On the second day smaller sessions were arranged by research field and were led by senior mentors who gave participants specific feedback on their research and career planning. 
WinE Mentoring Retreat 2017 and Future Retreats
We are busy organising the 2017 Retreat, which will once again be open to early career female economists. The Retreat, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, prior to the opening of EEA-ESEM 2017, will have a similar format to the past retreats and the attendees will participate in a series of innovative discussions organized as panels and as smaller groups run by senior mentors. There will also be many opportunities for the mentees to socialise with each other and their mentors during this event.
I take the opportunity of this email to thank in advance the local organiser, Alexandra Ferreira Lopes (ISCTE - IUL). A special thanks also goes to my scientific co-chair and representative of ES, Paola Manzini, for all her help to come in putting together the scientific program of the Retreat.

Full information on the 2017 Retreat in Lisbon and information on how to apply can be found here.

Last but by no means least, I want to thank The Review of Economic Studies (REStud), who in keeping with its tradition to encourage research by young economists, will sponsor once again the WinE Retreat. I and the EEA are very grateful to REStud for this.

If you wish to learn a little more about the WinE Retreat, I recommend that you take a look at the short film that can be found here (or below if supported by your browser):

WinE Public List
Since 2011 the EEA has been publishing the names and research areas of its female members on the WinE section of the EEA homepage. The aim of this initiative is to support women in economics by facilitating the formation of networks and by increasing the visibility of female economists. Over 80% of the female members of EEA have chosen to make their details public. Over the past 5 years, the EEA central office has redirected departments of economics and journalists to the list and the WinE Committee is very pleased with its success. It takes a few minutes to ensure that your name is inserted in this public list. Firstly, one must be a current member of the EEA and have access to the EEA membership profile page. Once logged on to your EEA membership page, please go to "My Profile", scroll down the page and ensure that you answer "yes" to the following questions :-
1. Would you like your details to be shown in the EEA Members' Directory?
2. Would you like to receive news from Women in Economics (WinE) and other institutions engaged in women issues within economics?
The list is updated twice a year and will be updated next on January 31. We encourage all EEA female members to support this initiative and ensure that all settings on My Profile page are completed by this date. If your name is already on the list, then please remember to keep your EEA membership profile up-to-date so that any changes to your details are made publicly.

Public list as currently uploaded
WinE Committee, Upcoming Projects and Other Useful Information
Now is a good time to thank Torsten Persson and Marta Reynal, whose terms on the Committee are ending, for all their work and dedication to the Committee over the past 3 years. I would also like to thank Ingela Alger (Toulouse School of Economics) and Nezih Guner (CEMFI) . Please be reminded that EEA members are encouraged to nominate suitable candidates (or self-nominate) for upcoming positions on the WinE Committee through

One of our priority initiatives over the past few months has been connected to the collection of gender data within all institutions in Europe. We have developed a software that collects and tracks the careers of all researchers. Our goal is to set up a data set with the double purpose of (i) monitoring efficiently the developments in European research institutions and university in terms of gender equality in academics, and thus (ii) to provide the data base needed for the evaluation of policies to increase gender equality. The first results of this data collection will be presented during EEA-ESEM Lisbon 2017.

Let me finish this newsletter by reminding you all that the mission of WinE is to support women in the economics profession by facilitating the formation of networks, by circulating information on, or relevant to, female economists, and by providing a forum for discussion of issues relevant to women in academics. To this end, we have recently set up a LinkedIn group. You will shortly receive an invitation to join this group. Please accept this invitation when it arrives (or check your spam if you haven't received it by February 15).

Please remember that the success of WinE depends not only on the input of the Committee, but of all our members. Please send us suggestions on what we should be doing; feedback; information that aids women in economics, or news that celebrates women's career achievements to

It is my pleasure to serve the WinE Committee,

Emmanuelle Auriol

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