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European Economic Association Newsletter
The Coming Year
As the incoming President of the European Economic Association (EEA), I am writing to update you on some of the ongoing and future initiatives of the EEA to contribute to the development of economics in Europe.
EEA-ESEM Manchester 2019
This year’s congress, held jointly with the Econometric Society (ES), will be held in Manchester, UK, from Monday, August 26 to Friday, August 30. The call can be found here. Please note that from the 2019 congress onwards, the EEA will allow submitters to submit entire sessions. Entire sessions are submitted through Conference Maker. Instructions on how to submit individual papers and full sessions can be found here.
European Job Market
The EEA launched a European Job Market in Naples in December 2018. This new initiative aims at building an integrated market for junior positions in Europe. The inaugural Job Market was a huge success. The event featured over 106 institutions whose teams interviewed over 660 candidates over 2 days. From 2019 onwards, the EEA has joined forces with the 2 main national associations in Europe who until now have organised their own job market – the Royal Economic Society (UK) and the Spanish Economic Association (SAE) – and there will be ONE consolidated Job Market in Europe. This will be held in December in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We really hope your institution will send interviewing teams and their PhD candidates. Please contact us through for further information.

In the context of the job market, let me take the opportunity to emphasise that the EEA has been a partner of for a number of years. is a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce the costs of information flow in the economics job market by providing a secure central repository for the files of job-market candidates (including papers, reference letters, and other materials) accessed on line at all times of the year. We encourage you to use to find out more about EconJobMarket and to register for its services. 
Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA)
Publishing the JEEA remains one of the main activities of the EEA and JEEA continues to achieve major results. At the start of this year, Imran Rasul (UCL) took over from Juuso Valimaki as Managing Editor, and Bard Harstad (Oslo) joined the editorial board. We thank Juuso for his immense work during the past 4 years and we look forward to continued success under the leadership of Imran. All information and reports on JEEA can be found at the JEEA website here.
JEEA-FBBVA Lecture 2019
Orazio Attanasio delivered the 2019 JEEA-FBBVA lecture, sponsored by Fundación BBVA, at the ASSA Meetings in Atlanta. His lecture “Consumption Insurance in Networks with Asymmetric Informations” will be published in JEEA in due course. The lecture will be given again, on May 7, at the FBBVA headquarters in Madrid. If you are in Madrid at that time, you are invited to attend the lecture (for attendance, please write to The lecture will be uploaded on the EEA YouTube channel after it is given in Madrid.
EEA Awards 2019
The EEA will bestow 2 important awards this year. The first one to be Yrjö Jahnsson Award in Economics, which is bestowed biennially to a European economist no older than 45 years old who has made a contribution in theoretical and applied research that is significant to economics in Europe, and will be announced in early March. The second one will be the Young Economist Award, sponsored by UniCredit Foundation, given to the authors of the three best papers presented by young economists at the annual congress of the European Economic Association.

Further information on all EEA awards can be found on the EEA website
EEA Committees
The EEA continues to have 3 working committees.

The Standing Committee on Research, chaired by Estelle Cantillon (ULB). The agenda of the Committee is twofold: First, to continue the Association’s effort to encourage and support researchers to apply for an ERC grant. Second, to build on COEURE’s recommendations to work towards making Europe a data research power-house. The Committee is busy organising sessions and workshops in Manchester during the EEA-ESEM congress. Please visit the EEA-ESEM congress to be updated on these sessions over the coming in months.

The Standing Committee on Economics Education continues to organize important sessions at the annual congresses. During EEA-ESEM Manchester 2019, the Committee will organise a workshop that will look at changes in the delivery of economics teaching.

The Women in Economics Committee (WinE) continues to enrich and make more inclusive the economics profession in Europe. At the end of last year, Emmanuelle Auriol, who chaired the Committee since 2016, stepped down. She has been replaced by Ingela Alger. We thank Emma for the dedication she put in to the Committee and the amazing results she has achieved with her Committee. We look forward to working with Ingela. We also thank Gabrielle Demange and Raffaella Giacomini whose terms have ended, for all their time dedicated to the Committee. Raffaella chaired the Committee from 2013 – 2015 and was instrumental in setting up the WinE Retreat. We welcome Evi Pappa, Eva Mörk and Sigrid Suetens to the Committee.

In the coming year, the Committee will organize the 7th annual WinE Mentoring and Networking Retreat. The Retreat, which is open to early career female economists with positions (post- doctoral fellows, lecturers, researchers) at academic and research institutions, allows the attendees to participate in a series of innovative discussions (such as publishing, writing successful grant applications, networking and career planning, with attention paid to the unique challenges that women may face at different stages of their careers) and as smaller groups run by senior mentors. The application deadline for the 2019 Retreat is February 15. Full information on the event and on how to apply for it is available here. Please do share the link with the female members of your department.

Furthermore, last year, the WinE Committee initiated a very large data collection on gender balance in EU research institutions. The objective of this is to monitor the status of women in the profession in Europe and undertake information collection. A website that will store all the information of gender in economics departments in the EU will be launched in March. We hope that it will help any department to benchmark on its gender balance in comparison with other departments in the EU of similar size and performance.
Seed Grant Programme
As mentioned in our previous newsletters, a main initiative of the EEA over the past few years has been the set-up of the Seed Grant Programme, which was established to tackle the pressing problem of reductions of European Research Council grants to economists. These grants are available to economists from countries or regions in the lower tail of the European income distribution because the flow of ERC applications from these countries is low, and because we believe applicants from these countries have access to less local support in the application process. The Seed Grant Programme will continue indefinitely / while there is demand. Full information is available here.
Institutional Members
One important initiative over the past number of years, which has been successful and deserves a mention is our institutional membership programme. This allows institutions with special links to European economics to register their support for building up the profession in Europe. Current institutional members include a number of leading central banks. Their financial support, alongside that of our members, has been extremely important to recent initiatives and to the future of all EEA initiatives so we thank them publicly for this. To view the list of current EEA institutional members, please visit here.
Other News and Thanks
On a closing note, I would like to thank the outgoing President, Eliana La Ferrara, for her outstanding dedication to the EEA during the last few years, and specifically her 12-months as President. Eliana - I thank you for setting the bar high for me!!! I would also like to warmly thank Antonio Cabrales, Marco Ottaviani, Stephen Machin, Volker Nocke, Nicola Pavoni, Sarah Smith and Hans-Joachim Voth, who have all retired from the EEA Council.

I welcome Silvana Tenreyro back to the Executive Committee – this time in a Presidential role as she was elected to serve as President in 2021. I also welcome Nava Ashraf, Martina Björkman, Maria Petrova, Dina Pomeranz, Ricardo Reis and Fabian Waldinger as incoming Council members and thank them for their willingness to serve the European economics community. I very much look forward to working with all incoming and current EEA officers over my tenure as President and hope that this will be another memorable year in the life of the EEA.

Through our initiatives mentioned in the newsletter, we aim to improve the quality of economic research and analysis in Europe, and to advance the quality of education and training, of scientific and applied research, and of policy decision and implementation. Without the support of our members, none of this would be possible. Therefore, I would like to close by thanking the members of the EEA for their involvement with the Association and to thank you for your continued and invaluable support. We hope that we can count on your support for 2019 and beyond. As this is such, let me ask you to check your EEA membership status. If it has expired over the last few months then please renew it by logging in at the member section on Once logged in, please click on RENEW MEMBERSHIP and follow the instructions. We also ask you to check that your personal details on your profile page are up-to-date. Informal efforts to encourage your colleagues to become members of EEA are also appreciated. Please do remember that by renewing your membership, you are contributing to the future of the EEA initiatives.

Alongside numerous other membership benefits, EEA members can nominate suitable candidates (or self-nominate) for EEA officer elections and for positions on EEA standing committees through The EEA central office will pass all nominations on to the EEA Nominating Committee Chair or the Chairs of standing committees.

To stay in touch with the latest developments in the EEA please check our website, which is updated on a daily basis, or follow @EEANews on Twitter. For information on JEEA, please follow @JEEA-News Please do contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Please remember that the EEA publishes calls for papers from various European institutions on its website so please click here to take a look and contact if your institution wishes to publish a call.

With best wishes,

Kjetil Storesletten,
EEA President, 2019
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