EEA Officer Election 2022

Welcome to the EEA 2022 Officer elections. You are asked to vote for EEA Vice-President and EEA Council.

Voting will take place from Monday, September 27 to Sunday, October 24.

Only EEA members with active memberships can vote. Each member can submit one ballot sheet.

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Jan Eeckhout

Jan Eeckhout is ICREA research professor of Economics at UPF Barcelona. He has teaching and research interests in macroeconomics, with a special emphasis on the labor market. He studies the macroeconomic implications of market power, as well as the economics of the labor market and cities.

His research has been published in the American Economic Review, Econometrica, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Political Economy, and has been supported by the National Science Foundation and the European Research Council. His book, ”The Profit Paradox” is published by Princeton University Press, and his work has featured in the media, including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, FT, New York Times and Bloomberg. He has received support for his research from numerous government grants, including funding from the National Science Foundation (US) and the European Research Council (Starting Grant and Advanced Grants), as well as private grants. He has advised over 50 Ph.D. students who have placed in academic positions from Yale to Chicago and from Beijing to Canberra, as well as in non-academic positions.

In the past, Jan Eeckhout has been a tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania and at University College London. He has also been the Louis A. Simpson Visiting Professor at Princeton University, he has been a visiting professor at NYU Stern and a visiting scholar at MIT. At UPF he has been the chairman of the Department of Economics and Business. He has been editor of the International Economic Review and is currently on the editorial board of the Review of Economic Dynamics and the Journal of Economic Theory, and is past editorial board member of the Journal of the European Economic Association. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society and of the European Economic Association, and he is a member of the Academia Europaea. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics in 1998.