Institutional Supporters

There are various ways in which the EEA is supported. The EEA is grateful for this support, which allows it to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe. The financial support received has ensured that the EEA expands its core activities. Thank you!

Institutional Membership

Institutional Members, 2023:

  • Banca d'Italia (Italy)
  • Banco de España (Spain)
  • Banco de Portugal (Portugal)
  • Bank of England (United Kingdom)
  • Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland)
  • De Nederlandsche Bank (The Netherlands)
  • Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
  • European Central Bank (Germany)
  • European Investment Bank (Luxembourg)
  • Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungary)
  • National Bank of Belgium (Belgium)
  • National Bank of Romania (Romania)
  • Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austria)
  • Schweizerische Nationalbank (Switzerland)
  • Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden)
  • Suomen Pankki Bank of Finland (Finland)

Fundación BBVA

In 2004 an agreement was signed with Fundación BBVA in which it was agreed that there would be an annual lecture held in the name of the EEA and Fundación BBVA by a world-class economist on a relevant topic. This lecture is known as the Journal of the European Economic Association–Fundación BBVA Lecture (JEEA-FBBVA lecture). This lecture has proved to be very successful and educative, and is published as a leading article in JEEA.

For more information on the JEEA-FBBVA lectures, please click here.

Supporters of EEA Awards

The EEA thanks UniCredit Foundation for its support of the Young Economist Award, the Danmarks Nationalbank (Central Bank of Denmark) for its support of the Birgit Grodal Award and the Hub for Equal Representation in STICERD, London School of Economics and Political Science for its support of the MinE Best Paper Award

How Can Institutions Support EEA?

If your institution is interested in becoming an institutional member of the EEA, or in supporting the EEA through other means, please write to for further information.