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The EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (EEA) is an international scientific body, with membership open to all persons involved or interested in economics. Individual membership of the EEA includes access to the Journal of the Economic Association (JEEA). Members can submit papers to JEEA for no fee. Members also have the right to submit a paper to the EEA annual congress and attend the event. 



EEA Officer Election Results: Vice-President - Maristella Botticini; Council - Ingvild Almås, Aline Bütikofer, Monica Costa Dias, Maria Guadalupe, Benjamin Moll, Galina Zudenkova

Registration for RECRUITERS, CANDIDATES and all EEA / ES members who wish to attend the virtual EJM and parallel ESWM is now open. Please visit here for all information on the EJM Virtual 2020.

Message on COVID 19 to EEA members and supporters here.




JEEA 18:5 is now downloadable on the OUP JEEA website, which can be accessed through your EEA membership profile page.  For futher details, please visit here.

All JEEA forthcoming papers are now available on the EEA server. To access these, please log in at the member section, click on Access JEEA Papers and then View forthcoming papers. To view abstracts of these papers, please visit here.


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