EEA Officer Election 2022

Welcome to the EEA 2022 Officer elections. You are asked to vote for EEA Vice-President and EEA Council.

Voting will take place from Monday, September 27 to Sunday, October 24.

Only EEA members with active memberships can vote. Each member can submit one ballot sheet.

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Margaret Meyer

Margaret Meyer completed her PhD at Stanford Business School in 1986 and has spent her career at Nuffield College, Oxford University, with sabbatical visits to MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford.

Several of her early papers were in oligopoly theory, in particular on competition in supply functions. Subsequently, her work has focused on three areas:

i) organizational economics - career design; influence costs and firm boundaries; performance comparisons and dynamic incentives; gaming and strategic opacity in incentive design;

ii) information economics - learning from coarse information; multisender cheap talk; and

iii) stochastic orderings, in particular orderings of dependence in multivariate distributions.

Margaret has derived great pleasure from being involved in the supervision of 36 doctoral students and from mentoring numerous postdoctoral research fellows at Nuffield over the past 31 years.