EEA Award for Exceptional Teaching

The 2023 EEA Award for Exceptional Teaching have been announced and presented to:

  • Exceptional Teaching Early Career
    Damian Phelan, University College London
    Motivation: Phelan impressed the panel with his clear passion for inclusive and highly interactive teaching in a very large introductory module. Students speak very highly of how his teaching retains an appropriate level of intellectual challenge while easing the learning process through peer learning, practical tips and the development of multimedia assets which he uses to build confidence among his students. He has also introduced under-privileged high school students to economics, given seminars on inclusive teaching  and leads a community of practice to connect economic educators worldwide. An impressive achievement at an early-career stage. 
  • Exceptional Teaching Junior
    Sulin Sardoschau, Humboldt University Berlin
    Motivation: Sardoschau shows a clear dedication to the subject and her students has introduced a number of innovative ways of teaching and engaging students including case studies, discussion, simulations, referee writing for papers and other interactive methods. Students clearly appreciate how her choice of topics and approaches and her dedication and love for the discipline introduce them to the broad applicability that economics investigation can have across a range of topics for example, in migration, culture and conflict. The panel were also impressed with the care she shows for her students including guidance, mentorship and engagement with extra-curricular activities. 
  • Exceptional Teaching Senior

    Flavio Toxvaerd, University of Cambridge
    Motivation: Toxvaerd impressed the panel with a long and sustained track record in innovative methods in economics teaching with transformations to the organisation and delivery of courses which have greatly improved the overall narrative as well as the relevance of the courses. There is clear evidence of outstanding student feedback for these course changes and developments. The panel were also impressed with the  development of an impressive array of high quality digital learning tools for supporting teaching including interactive graphs, blogs, self-study and self-assessment tools

Award Committee: Alvin Birdi, Dina Pomeranz and Georg Weiszacker

2022 Awards

Exceptional Teaching Early Career

Katharina Hartinger (Research associate & PhD student at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt) for her design of wide array of courses in many different topics and levels; her top teaching evaluations at her business school; her adaptation to sabbatical and pandemic; and her supervision of bachelors' and masters' thesis

Exceptional Teaching Junior

Isaac Baley (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) for his mentoring sessions on applications to graduate school, job market, grants; top teaching evaluations at his school, including "Innovation in teaching" prize; incorporation of current topics to teaching and organization of debates; and his supervision of graduate theses.

Exceptional Teaching Senior

Astrid Kunze (Norwegian School of Economics) for her awareness of Gender Inequality on her teaching; design of courses using company experience; and evidence based teaching and use of large data sets.

Award Committee : Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD), Meg Meyer (University of Oxford) and Pedro Rey Biel (ESADE)