Tilburg University


2019 - 2021; 2022 - 2024


Sigrid Suetens is Professor at the Department of Economics of Tilburg University. She received a PhD in applied economics at the University of Antwerp in 2005. Her current research focuses on ethnic discrimination (e.g., elicitation of taste-based discrimination, effect of contact with minorities on attitudes towards them) and on understanding motives for cooperation in dilemma games (e.g., strategic versus non-strategic motives, role of strategic environment). She has published in journals in economics (for example, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of the European Economic Association, Economic Journal) as well as in multidisciplinary journals (Management Science, Evolution and Human Behaviour, Scientific Reports). She teaches courses in micro-economics and experimental economics.

Three selected publications:

Return on trust is lower for immigrants (co-author E. Cettolin)
Economic Journal. vol. 129, 1992-2009

Predictably Angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior (co-authors B. van Leeuwen, C. Noussair, T. Offerman, S. Suetens, M. van Veelen and J. van de Ven)
Management Science, vol. 64, 2973-3468

Cooperation in experimental games of strategic complements and substitutes (co-author J. Potters)
Review of Economic Studies, vol. 76, 1125-1147