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TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 18:30 - 20:30


Brexit, Trump and De-Globalization
Organiser and Chair: Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics)
Speakers and Papers presented: Pawel Smietanka (Bank of England), The Impact of Brexit on UK Firms; Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics), Trade and Worker Deskilling; Patrick Kennedy (University of California), Berkeley, The Return to Protectionism

Fairness and Redistribution: Preferences and Beliefs
Organiser and Chair: Bertil Tungodden (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)
Speakers: Christina Fong (Carnegie Mellon University); Christopher Roth (University of Warwick); Alexander W. Cappelen (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)

Macroeconomic Perspectives on Gender
Organiser and Chair: Nezih Guner (CEMFI)
Speakers: Stefania Albanesi (University of Pittsburgh), Trends and Cycles in European Labor Markets; Ana Reynoso (University of Michigan) Labor Market and Marriage Market Sorting; Nezih Guner (CEMFI), Family-Friendly Policies and Fertility: What Firms Got to Do With It?

Micro to Macro: Prices, Labour Share and Production
Organiser and Chair: Timo Boppart (IIES-Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm)
Speakers: Corina Boar (New York University), Matthias Kehrig (Duke) and Timo Boppart (IIES-Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm)



THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 16:30 - 18:30


Beyond Prediction: Machine Learning for Estimation in Economics
Organiser and Chair: Stephen Hansen (Imperial College Business School)
Speakers: Elena Manresa (New York University); Yusuke Narita (Yale University) and Stephen Hansen (Imperial College Business School)

Gender, Social Norms and Education
Organiser and Chair: Eleonora Patacchini
Speakers: David Yangizawa-Drott (University of Zurich); Alexia Delfino (Bocconi University, Milan); Anne Boring (ERASMUS University Rotterdam); and Anne Brenoe (University of Zurich)

Refugee Migration and Crime
Organiser and Chair: Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi University, Milan)
Speakers: Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi University, Milan), Rasmus Landersø (Rockwool Foundation) and Ana Maria Ibanez (Interamerican Development Bank) 

The Micro and Macro of Consumer Credit
Organiser and Chair: Kurt Mitman (IIES, Stockholm)
Speakers: Kurt Mitman (IIES, Stockholm) Consumer Bankruptcy as Aggregate Demand Management; Kyle Herkenhoff (University of Minnesota & NY Fed) Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry; Caterina Mendicino (European Central Bank) Tighter Credit and Consumer Bankruptcy 

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