JEEA Data Editor - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     How do I upload my replication package to Zenodo?

1.       After the reproducibility checks are completed, please compress your package in a ZIP archive.  You only need to include the replication package, not the paper or online appendices. Also, do not publish the confidential data.

2.       Create a Zenodo account unless you have one already. Sign up here:

3.      3.   Once logged into your Zenodo account, go to the JEEA’s community of Zenodo:

It should look like this: top right-hand-side is your username; left-hand-side below the Zenodo logo is the JEEA logo; right-hand-side is the new upload icon.


4.       Click the new upload button to upload your package. Upload the zip compressed version of the replication package that was approved by the data editor.

5.       After your upload completes, you will be asked if you already have a DOI for this upload. Click “No” and click on the button “Get a DOI now!”

6.       Continue with the shown menu to complete the required metadata:

a.       Resource type: software or dataset.

b.       Title: Replication package for “Title of your manuscript”.

c.       Publication date: default today’s date.

d.       Creators: authors of the manuscript. You can add others who have contributed significantly to the code, such as research assistants. All creators will appear as co-authors of the replication of the package (but not the paper). You can also add others as “Contributors” (further below). Contributors are not included in the citation of the replication package.

e.       Description: One sentence description of the package with citation to your manuscript (e.g., “This package contains the data, programs and instructions to replicate manuscript XXX by XX forthcoming at JEEA.”)

f.        License: you can “add standard” or “add custom”. We recommend adding the standard from Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

g.       The rest of additional information is not required from our side.

7.       Back to top right hand-side: Save draft, & Submit for review (with “Visibility: Public”).


This action will notify the Data Editor of your new upload.