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Position title Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship, Early Stage Researchers affected by the war in Ukraine
Department Social Sciences and Humanities
Supervisor name Juho Härkönen
Supervisor email
Deadline 30/12/2080
Description The Max Weber Programme at the European University Institute welcomes applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship for an Early Stage Researcher of any nationality who is directly affected by the war in Ukraine. We consider applications from candidates who live in Ukraine, have been displaced or cannot return to Ukraine because of the war, or who are directly affected for other reasons that can be specified in the application. The Fellowship can be awarded to an Early Stage Researcher who is within five years of the award of the PhD, or who has completed the work required toward the PhD (“all-but-defended”) when starting the fellowship. Furthermore, the applicant should work in the fields covered by the European University Institute, namely economics, law, history, political and social sciences, or related fields. The fellowship can start immediately and by 1 September 2022 the latest. The Fellowship will last till 31 August 2023.
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