MinE Best Paper Award

The MinE Best Paper Award was inaugurated in 2022. 

This Award is given to the best paper presented in the annual EEA congresses whose focus is on the study of LGBTQ+, Race-Ethnicity-Religion and/or Disabilities

The Award is financed by the Hub for Equal Representation and the winner is awarded €5,000.  

The 2022 Award was presented to:

Minority Underrepresentation in US Cities, Federico Ricca and Francesco Trebbi

Motivation: They establish that, in U.S. city politics, minority voters were strategically underrepresented through the manipulation of institutions. Their research is timely, and their findings based on clean identification of the causal effect from a narrow Supreme Court decision that removed federal preclearance requirements for some U.S. jurisdictions. The paper has immense policy significance as their uncovering of institutional linkages suggests important, indirect consequences of local reforms, and also opens doors for future research, especially in political economy.

The runner-up paper also deserves a special mention:

Gender Typicality and Sexual Minority Labor Market Differentials, Ian Burn and Michael E. Martell 

Motivation: The paper is an innovative study with a surprising result. They study whether "gender typicality" - a continuous measure they construct to quantify masculinity/femininity - affects labor market outcomes (it does), and whether it drives gaps by sexual orientation (it does not). That is, masculinity affects labor market outcomes of both men and women, but does not explain the labor market differentials experienced by sexual minorities.

The 2022 Inaugural the MinE Best Paper Award Committee — Massimo Morelli (Chair), Martina Björkman Nyqvist and Nina Roussille