MinE Research Virtual Sessions

Upcoming virtual sessions on Minorities in Economics-related research


Wednesday, January 10, 16:00 CET
Alon Rubinstein will present his research, Price and Prejudice: Customer Taste-Based Discrimination and Competition, which was awarded as a runner-up of  the 2023 MinE Best Paper Award


Tuesday, December 16, 18:00 CET
Roland Hodler will present his research, Ethnic Clustering in Schools and Early Career Outcomes


Wednesday, February 7, 18:00 CET
Laura Perez will present her research, Affirming the Racial Divide? The Political Consequences of Affirmative Action in Brazil 


Monday, December 4
Sigrid Suetens presented her research, Ethnic Salience and Discrimination, which was awarded as a runner-up of  the 2023 MinE Best Paper Award.
View recording of the session here

Tuesday, November 7
Ethan Kaplan presented his research, which won him the 2023 MinE Best Paper Award,  School Desegregation and Political Preferences: Long-Run Evidence from Kentucky 
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Wednesday, May 31
Sulin Sardoschau
 presented her co-authored research Social Media and the Diffusion of Protest: Evidence from Black Lives Matter.
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Wednesday, May 24 
Yuval Ofek-Shanny presented his research Measurements of performance gaps are sensitive to the level of test stakes: Evidence from PISA and a Field Experiment.
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Wednesday, February 15
Ian Burn
and Michael E. Martell presented their CSQIEP Award for Outstanding Research Paper in LGBTQ+ Economics (AEA)  2022 paper Gender Typicality and Sexual Minority Labor Market Differentials
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Wednesday, January 11
Federico Ricca and Francesco Trebbi presented their MinE Best Paper Award 2022 paper Minority Underrepresentation in US Cities
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