Call for "Recruiters" for Mock Interviews

In the run up to the EJME, we are trying to set up mock interviews for candidates who are not offered these within their own institutions. 

If you wish to support this initiative by acting as a "recruiter" and you are available from Nov 22 to Dec 1 for one of the following:

1. 45-60 minutes, split as follows - 30 minutes interview & then feedback of 15 to 30 mins

2. 90 minutes to give 2 mock interviews

please email us through (click on email to send the email) before 23:59:59 on Monday, November 20, and we will give you further instructions. 

We plan to set up a mock mini recruiter panel so the idea is that we will try to put you together with another volunteer who is available at the same time as you. If we cannot put you with anybody due to your time preferences, we will ask you if you are happy to go it alone.

Many thanks,

Antonio Cabrales, Teresa Esteban-Casanelles, Duarte Gonçalves, David Schindler (organisers of the series of workshops for candidates of EJME)