EJME 2022 / 23 season: Virtual Format

The Council of EEA and the EJME Committee (with RES and SEA) have evaluated costs and benefits of both the online and in person options. In view of rising fuel prices, ongoing travel disruptions, and uncertainty about covid, we have decided to keep the EJME online for the 2022/23 season. We will evaluate a return to an in-person EJME in Spring of 2023.

The Council of EEA and the EJME Committee have also discussed the increase in the use of “exploding offers”, and we would like to alert you of the cost of this practice in terms of the mental health of the weakest side of the market, and to consider this when setting deadlines. There is a growing concern that offers with very short deadlines (the so-called exploding offer) or deadlines that predate the end of scheduled fly-outs impose enormous stress on already stressed individuals, with disastrous and potentially permanent effects on their health. 

There are of course valid reasons behind this practice that are not under the control of the department that makes the offer, but to the extent that there is discretion, the EEA recommends to give candidates the time and mental space needed to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. 

Full information on how EEA, RES and SEA will once again centralise the EJME, albeit virtually, will follow after the summer break.