WE_ARE & WinE Virtual Sessions for Junior Female Economists

WE_ARE - Women in Economics: Advancing Research in Economics - is a CEPR seminar series where junior women present their work and get constructive feedback from their peers and from senior economists. The seminar series aims to bring together junior and senior women in economics and to contribute to building an active and cooperative CEPR women in economics community. 

Together, WE_ARE and WinE organise a series of sessions offering useful advice and tools for junior women in the profession. The topics will include, but are not limited to, publishing, preparing for tenure, applying for grants and more. 

Next Session;
Date: Monday April 29, 19:00 CEST
Topic: The Journey to Tenure
Speaker: Natalia Bau
Registration:  HERE!

Previous  WE_ARE - WinE sessions:
December 2021Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD and CEPR) shared her reflections on pursuing a career in economics. In this session, Maria drew on her own research and that of others, her time spent in different committees/initiatives that aim to promote women in economics, as well as her personal experience to have an open discussion about building a career as a woman in economics. 
- June 2022: Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester, Institute For Fiscal Studies and CEPR), shared her insights on the topic of navigating the publication process. In this session, Rachel drew on her own experience of trying to publish her work, as well as her time spent as Editor of The Economic Journal, to give some reflections on how to navigate the process of trying to get your own work published and take the positives from what can sometimes feel like a brutal experience to help you move forward.
- February 2023Sule Alan (European University Institute and CEPR) shared her experiences of changing research directions, embracing breadth, and crossing interdisciplinary borders. She also talked about barriers to innovative and risky actions in academia and the difficulty in overcoming these barriers in the publication process.

To find out more about the WE_ARE Series, please visit the seminar series web pages.